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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I'm middle aged was a light hearted quip.
  2. I’m 38 gay and I bought it too. I really will never get the hate for the Beatles on a forum called PopJustice.
  3. I wouldn't call it hatred but the Beatles have had more re-re-re-re-releases than Belinda. They have the kind of fanbase that buys everything simply because. It's fairly fascinating but kind of odd as well.
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  4. actually no? They released cds in the 80s, the remastered 12 years ago and now these deluxe editions. This new one is the first ever deluxe edition of Let It Be (same for the past ones for Abbey Road etc).
    Bowie had tree times more reissues in the last 20 years.
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  5. I preordered this and wish I hadn’t preordered it. I just assumed Coldplay plus Max Martin was going to be a great album.
  6. I respect their legacy, but I don't think the music is as great as the perception. Help is their best album.
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  7. Welp. Maybe if the album was more Coloratura, less... whatever it ended up being...
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  8. Me neither. It amuses me though!
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  9. How is it looking at 100k+ in the UK and just 40K US? What scammery has occurred here? Didn't they have a vinyl? Most of that 40K must be streaming points from their Hot 100 #1 single. Ddd.
  10. UK stadium dates bundle presale?
  11. Their US Sales weren‘t really good for Everyday Life either.
  12. Glad Spotify sorted out the breaks between the tracks.
  13. They're doing similarly to Everyday Life in the US, 40-50k.
    Think their previous albums were favoured by tour bundles in the US, but those don't count anymore, so lots of indie-rock bands are underperforming in the US Album charts now. Like Bon Jovi could get to #1 randomly cos they announced a tour and everybody got their album for free with the ticket (and that counted for the charts) but now their latest barely touched the top 20.
  14. Could the high sales over here be because this is only 4.99 on iTunes?

    I hate to admit the album has grown on me like a infection.
  15. For me it did the opposite. After playing it like six times I got so tired of it and have no wish to ever play it again lmao.
  16. Did anyone get tickets for their tour? I got some for the Friday in London and my boyfriend got some for the Saturday. I don't care for this album but it's so short that they can't really play that much from it (I hope...). My tickets are a bit shit too but just hoping for a good atmosphere at least.
  17. Yes I got some great tickets for Wembley. Really looking forward to seeing them play, I haven’t been before.
  18. Couldn't they have at least done a 'Slow down' type bop?
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