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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I think I prefer Orphans, but time will tell.
  2. I think I prefer Arabesque on first listen but both sound decent.
  3. Arabesque sounds great on first listen. A very good step in the right direction in terms of shaking up their sound and trying something new. I love how...cinematic it is, particularly the second half.

    Even more intrigued for the album now.
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  4. Orphans feels like Coldplay on autopilot but Arabesque is really great
  5. Arabesque is kind of late game incredible.
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  6. I'm not that fond of the happy-go-lucky type of Coldplay, I hated their last album. The ending of Arabesque is amazing. I don't know why but Arabesque is something I would imagine a new Kate Bush song in 2019 to sound like.
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  7. Arabesque is amazing on this cloudy and rainy morning. It ticks everything right for me.
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  8. The first play of Orphans made me think, "Haven't I already heard this song before?" I don't like it.
  9. Orphans is a carbon-copy of all their recent big singles, only slightly worst and with very very very poor lyrics... lyrics have never been their biggest selling point but this is beyond bad
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  10. Arabesque gives me Kill Bill walking in slow motion teas. Something i plan on serving when i commute to work later
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  11. Neither grab me. One is slighty interesting with terrible lyrics. The other one is a lazy piece of garbage.
  12. 'Arabesque' is exactly what they needed to put out at this point, it warrants repeated listens and isn't so bloody obvious. 'Orphans' on the other hand sounds exactly like what I was expecting from them after the last poor album.
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  14. ‘Orphans’ is a late date Coldplay song and the vocals layering reminds of Image Dragons. ‘Arabesque’ makes for a much more interesting listen.
  15. What an awful album title. Everyday Life is EXACTLY the opposite of what I want from pop music.

    I think X&Y was the last great Coldplay album, it all went downhill for me with Viva La Vida (the song not the album, and the Pet Shop Boys even did an horrendous mash-up version!) but there are great songs on all the albums. I couldn't agree more when someone said earlier that they need to stop re-releasing Every Tear Is A Waterfall.
  16. Yeah it’s a dreadful title. I do love the artwork though.
  17. Does anyone else think this is one of their best?

  18. I'm dissapointed again, was expecting another sound.
  19. Am I making this up, but I thought there were rumors or mentions that Head Full of Dreams was going to be their last album? Am I crazy?
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