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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Ever since Viva la Vida every new album was supposed to be their last according to Chris.
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  2. Yes, I recall he once said something like pop artists should quit when they turn thirty.
  3. The retirement threat was a marketing gimmick to sell more copies of A Head full of dreams, by making fans think it was gonna be there last, they should be ashamed
    I was a big fan during the first 2 albums, then they lost it completely with the exception of a few singles

    Agree 1000% on the comment about them trying to replicate Every teardrop is a Waterfall in every single they've released this decade, only slightly worst each time.
  4. This is like, pinnacle Coldplay for me.

    I really like this band ddd
  5. Arabesque is amazing, though.
  6. The title track is out

    And they performed on Saturday Night Live

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  7. Everyday Life is a lovely song. Not exactly new territory or hit single material but I'm enjoying it nevertheless.
  8. Liking what I've heard so far and also can I say dayum, Will Champion is aging like a fine wine. Grr.
  9. They're back on the right track with all three songs. Orphans sounds lovely on the radio, Arabesque proves they're still capable of doing something outside their comfort zone, Everyday Life is a classic signature Coldplay tune.

    And Guy remains sexy and mysterious agh...
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  10. Okay but where is my Parachute hive at? An incredible album.

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  11. A classic. I still listen to this one in its entirety on a regular basis.
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  12. I saw Coldplay for the first time last tour and when they did Yellow it absolutely hit me like a ton of bricks. Fabulous song.
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  13. Still their best era.
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  14. This came on a shuffle while driving two days ago, and it really hit me.
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  15. They're a band with some really sharp pop instincts, but always seem to alternate between being lazy, greedy money chasers with their ~stadium anthems~, and being quite considered and interesting when they take a step back and pursue a single, cohesive concept. X&Y, Mylo Xyloto and Head Full Of Dreams pretty much map onto the former, while Viva La Vida and Ghost Stories (their best two albums) fit the latter pretty neatly. As if on cue, "Orphans" is another autopilot track whereas "Arabesque" points at some potential fresh ground. The new album could go either way, really.
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  16. High Speed from the debut is just lush.
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  17. Coldplay do what they do, by this stage you either like it or you don't I guess.
  18. I guess if they combine their commercial and experimental sides than everybody should be satisfied. Jugding from we've got so far it seems like they're aiming at that.
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  19. I feel so relieved to come into this thread and see Viva La Vida and Ghost Stories being praised as their best albums. I'd add Parachute and call it their holy trinity.
  20. That title is taken xx

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