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Coldplay - Music of the Spheres

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by B.A.D., Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Oh, Everyday Life is absolutely heart-warming! Bt the way, does the name Coldplay has something to do with the fact Chris always sounds like he has a cold? I never thought it that way but it would make perfect sense.
  2. I always assumed it was a reflection of their early sound, but I actually don't know the origin of the name.
  3. I really don't think that was a serious question
  4. The whole album is out there now.
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  5. Really loving the album. So varied, but incredibly melodic and some gorgeous instrumentation.
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  6. The name is after this book of poems, so I guess you'd have to ask the author.

  7. I've had a quick listen, and yes it's certainly varied and not at all what I expected from them. Daddy is completely gorgeous. I'm definitely looking forward to a proper listen next Friday.
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  8. Are they flopping with this era so far?!
  9. It's not released yet is it?
  10. Next Friday, it just leaked early.
  11. I’m talking about the singles...
  12. The single Orphans has had very limited playlist support on Spotify so going top 40 was good enough
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  13. Listening to the album and reading into what Chris recently said about doing limited shows because they need to hibernate and finish something else makes me think that the original reports of a more commercial sounding album in 2020 are actually correct.
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  14. Just had my first listen. I think it was a bit pointless to stretch the album over two discs with only 7-8 proper full-length songs there. There's a handful of interludes and songlettes and the total length with sixteen tracks is merely 53 minutes. Everyday Life and Arabesque are the best tracks here. The overall tone of the album is surprisingly light and mushy, especially when Arabesque gave hope for some darker tracks.
  15. Haven't listened to the album yet, but I'm not expecting much.

  16. We been knew they might have recorded another album in the meantime but this tidbit could confirm the information:

    And they're streaming a show today:

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  17. The new album is not for me, but I'm not that mad about it because I wasn't expecting much anyway.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It’s nice enough but a bit same-y. It’s literally the same as Headful Of Dreams without the big hits.
  19. I don't understand all the reviews claiming how forward thinking and experimental this album is. It's literally Coldplay by numbers.
  20. It’s certainly not experimental or different for them, or some challenging, uncommercial listen. It’s full of gorgeous melodies though!
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