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Collette - the Australian Mandy Smith

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Can't believe I've never heard of this 80s flop pop star before now!

    Described by some as the Australian Mandy Smith, I immediately knew I had to know more. She had a massive hit with a cover of Ring My Bell and her sound is a mixture of HiNRG pop with acid house production.

    Here is the amazing video for Ring My Bell:

    I think she must have taken some style tips from Sinitta!

    Another hit followed with All I Wanna Do Is Dance:

    She released an album, Raze The Roof, which is a must for any fans of PWL pop. The standout tracks for me are Ordinary Man:

    and That's What I Like About You:

    Sadly by this time her popularity was waning and even a cover of Diana Ross' Upside Down couldn't reverse her fortunes:

    I only wish Pete Waterman had got her on a plane over to England a la Kylie and knocked out an album for her!
  2. For a second I was hoping it was a thread about the big black woman that sang with Sister Bliss and The O.T. Quartet...
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  3. I have Collette's version of 'Ring My Bell' on a Central Station Retro Disco Cd ( which has a weird mixture of tracks and artists) I picked it up while visiting Sydney back in the 90's. I must admit I wasn't that taken with her cover version so never investigated any of her other material, but I will check out the video's you've posted.
  4. Christ, the early Kylie and Dannii videos don't look so lame in retrospect compared to these. It's kind of painful to listen to. She isn't in the same league as Dame Mandy, but I can kind of see where you're coming from.
  5. I will admit this kind of thing is a very acquired taste, but considering Dame Mandy's album is in my all time Top 10 and I have a weakness for cheap 80s HiNRG and neon lycra I was very excitted to discover a flop star I had never heard of til this week!

    If there are any Australians on here was she really famous back in the day?
  6. The difference with Mandy though was that in spite of the cheap as chips late 80s-tastic videos, the music wasn't that cheap. It was at times almost sophisticated (well, sophisticated in a PWL sense) she was seen as trashy due to her private life. She went trashy doing 'Don't you want me baby?', now that was shocking!
  7. You mean you don't like the 12" Cocktail Mix?! That's one of my favourite PWL productions and was so nearly a hit for her (well, number 59!)
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  8. I've spoke of her before here - she covered Saint Etienne's 'You're In A Bad Way' on the Invicta Hi-Fi label, but it went unreleased, excet for a label sampler.

    Nope, wrong Colette. There's at least 3!

    You might like Melissa? If you don't already know her? Australian, 1991-2, same ball park as Gina G/early Dannii, ex-soap star....

    Skin To Skin -
    Sexy (Is The Word) -
    Read My Lips -
    My House -

    The album, Fresh, is hard to find. I love it though!
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  9. Is that Melissa Tkautz? I always loved her name and vaguely remember her trying to launch in the UK, she was always in TV Hits magazine or something. Wasn't she from an Australian soap (E Street?)

    Loving those videos, right up my street!
  10. She was kind of the 'hot new thing' for about 5 minutes in 1989. When 'Ring My Bell' was released, it rocketed into the lower regions of the top 40 for a few weeks, before the video was even filmed. Then once that dropped it climbed to the top 5, and then the backlash begun.

    Australian FM radio wouldn't touch anything remotely pop or dance with a barge poll in the 80s and early 90s. The first Kylie track that got regular rotation on FM in my state was 'Put Yourself In My Place' - that's how bad it was.

    But obviously, the 'classic rock' obsession of the FM stations had little sway on the record-buying public (at least on the singles charts), and music video shows were an outlet for exposure for anything pop or dance.

    Collette copped a LOT of flack - for being a model 'blonde bimbo' turned singer (nevermind that she co-wrote the majority of her tracks, other than the covers), for those bike shorts in the video, for not being a 'real' singer with artistic credibility etc.

    This resulted in her writing/releasing 'Who Do You Think You Are', with a new image (short hair, dark clothes, the lycra gone), as the lead single from her second album, but by that point she couldn't score a hit (it peaked at #56). Shame, as it's the best thing she released IMO. The second album was still released though, but did nothing on the charts (the first one peaked at #48).

    Then she apparently became a make-up artist, and appeared on the local version of the TV show 'Where Are They Now?' in 2006, shown doing some volunteer work with Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

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  11. The bike shorts are the first thing that come to mind when you ask any self-respecting Australian homo about Collette.

    Oddly, my mind always jumps to Jo Beth Taylor doing her "I Love My Dog" number.
  12. To celebrate the release of Collette's seminal classic Raze The Roof on streaming, thought I would bump this thread.

    Ring My Bell is currently driving me into a frenzy! Her wafer thin voice over that squelchy acid house production is my idea of pop tart heaven.
  13. I am loving this album! I legitimately think this song is fantastic

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  14. @iheartpoptarts - you have been summoned! :D

  15. She will have a field day!
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  16. Someone needs to enter her into PJ Retro @berserkboi ddd

    I'd go with 'Who Do You Think You Are' - well, it's on my list. The covers couldn't be entered.
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  17. Someone on another forum pointed out that her hair/make-up business is listed in the Yellow Pages and they were contemplating booking an appointment with her. Ddd.
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  18. She and Jo Beth shared the same guy in music videos, I noticed/realised yesterday!

    The "cold heart, a side part" guy in the first verse.

    and 'Rhett' in this one:

    Oh god, this one even has Peter Andre as one of the dancers, doing a twirl during the intro ddd.
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  19. Also essential viewing:

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  20. OK I'm listening to Raze the Roof now on Spotify. Is that even her on 'Push'?! It sounds nothing like her, vocally.
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