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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by jsd, May 25, 2012.

  1. jsd


    4AD have released a deluxe 4-CD box set which contains almost every commercially available bit of music by Colourbox, and also includes a rare BBC session which I don't think was ever officially released (I had a bootleg of some of it).

    It's beautifully packaged, including heavy stock cards with the cover art and credits for every one of the original releases.

    Sound quality is excellent - there is no loudness war peak limiting at all. In fact, it's rather quiet compared to most modern releases. You'll want to crank your volume up. In the few A/B comparisons I made with the original 80's releases, the new ones are all brighter and clearer with better defined bass.

    At US$30 for 4 packed CD's it's a steal. Get it!
  2. I have wanted this ever since it was first announced. Regardless of WORD magazine's unflattering review.
  3. I got mine today - I mentioned it in the reissues thread earlier... pretty nifty little set.
  4. jsd


    What did they say?
  5. Basically, that the collected works of Colourbox hardly warrant a boxset, and the results (in their opinion) illustrate the "scraping the barrel" involved in the project. Actually, I think it may have been Q Magazine - it's hard to tell anymore, since I don't buy any of the music rags and their review sections (and review "style") are so interchangeable!
  6. jsd


    Well, that's their opinion and I can understand where they are coming from, but the counterargument is this is not a mass market product. It's a niche offering for fans, and as such, I think it is successful. Even as a massive fan, I'm probably not going to be listening to the 7" edits that much. But considering you get 4 discs and a nice box for $30 I think it's excellent value for the dollar, and if you're a fan of this sort of thing, you are going to be happier with the "scraping the barrel" approach more than the curated one. So basically, who gives a fuck what they think :)
  7. Ha, I agree! I'm certainly glad that this set exists, even if it's not one for the Stone Roses/Hendrix/Nirvana crowd....
  8. Woah! This is awesome. I have the Double LP and a couple of their 12s, but always fancied a portable version. Arena II leaves me absolutely gutted.
  9. I'm awaiting a replacement copy of my set. It didn't look new at all, scuffs and dents everywhere. Beautifully designed though, the art cards are nice and glossy, and the expanded version of the main album is ace.
  10. that box set is on for £100 now! looks to be 4 versions of my favorite colourbox track tarantula, love that philip Glass tune too. Wish I'd got this when it came out!
  11. That's usually my line! Haha. At least this time I did manage to pick a copy up before prices got silly.
  12. There´s a new, very limited Colourbox best-of out on 4AD.
    It´s compiled and packaged by artist/photographer Wolfgang Tillmans:

    "Celebrating Colourbox and their music’s inspiration on German artist, Wolfgang Tillmans, the first non-English winner of the Turner Prize back in 2000. To accompany the exhibition, a CD of Colourbox tracks has been compiled by Wolfgang himself. A limited number of copies have been made and they will be on sale at the gallery.

    The cover art for the record is from an unseen photograph series of Wolfgang’s comprising his prized Canon Colour Laser Copier, being dismantled after a decade of service; “80ies technology has influenced me a lot. When I won the Turner Prize I bought this copier with the money. Ten years later it was no longer repairable and I made this ‘deconstruction’ of
    it.” View attachment 2590
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  13. The box set is great. Tarantula rules.
  14. I know it is not very apt to put this in the "comeback"-thread, but Steve Young of Colourbox has died last week.

    Here is a very, very rare appearance of them together with the great Lorita Grahame.
    Miming to The Moon Is Blue on some village square in the German hinterland for the legendary and short lived Music Convoy Show.
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  15. Very sad news.

    Such an amazing band.
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  16. And such an underrated one.
  17. I'm listening to the Colourbox album for the first time ever, am interested to hear what all the fuss is about!
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  18. jsd


    I've been a massive fan since it all came out in the mid 80's. Love to know what you make of it!
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  19. What took you so long?! Haha.
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