Comeback Corner / General Discussions - New Guidelines


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Hi everyone, due to recent discussions surrounding the idea of "Comeback Corner" and the discrepancies between general discussion threads and album specific threads, we as the moderation team have talked about what could be an ideal way going forward to avoid future problems, and that is outlined here below;

- having one forum (aka the Pop & Justice forum) dedicated to these only: current artist's album campaigns (including greatest hits campaigns!), active acts, and those that are touring.

- what is currently "Comeback Corner" being specifically for: general discussion threads for artists (for example, "Beyoncé - General Discussion" would be in Comeback Corner, whilst her current thread for RENAISSANCE fits in Pop & Justice).

- where there are acts who only have one thread to cover both general discussion and the current album era, these will stay in P&J.

None of the current moderators have the ability to change the title from Comeback Corner to, say, "General Discussions", so to avoid confusion hopefully reading this sticky will help make more sense about what we're trying to achieve here.

Please PM any of the active moderators for questions, and report a thread if you believe it may be misplaced. Thank you!