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Comeback Corner - some of those artists are actively releasing music or are on tour

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by LoveMachine, May 15, 2019 at 2:38 PM.

  1. I have no idea what's actually supposed to be in this forum - artists trying to have a comeback or "stuff from the olden days"? This kinda bugs me. Granted, Nadine Coyle or the Spice Girls will probably never make a "proper" comeback, but they and several other artists in Comeback Corner are currently active and in my opinion don't belong there. Is the main forum only for current chart-toppers? Would Kylie have been moved to Comeback Corner during her Impossible Princess phase? Will Madonna be moved there if Madame X doesn't go Top 10?
    It feels a tad cynical to me.
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  2. Some people are far too sensitive if their favourite is Come Back Cornered.

    I'd rather be able to quickly find a topic on the first page, than have to search through pages on Pop and Justice.

    Just because they are in the corner doesn't mean they are over and won't have a hit.
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  3. I think of you're releasing new music, then sure, The main forum, if you're just doing the greatest hits tour, again, comeback corner is their home.
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  4. I...honestly don't get why it matters these days. I used to be annoyed by it but I'd rather have an artist on page one of CC than having to trawl through 19 pages to get to the Louise thread in the main forum.
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  5. It must be like how straights feel about their football team they want the ~validation~ of being in the premier league but the group they stan has much better threads and discussion in the lower division, comeback corner...

    It doesn't really matter, its a page of data on the internet, use your notifications if you can't be arsed to click out of the main forum then click into comeback corner.
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  6. kal


    I feel the opposite holds more weight. Certain mods (I don’t know who) just like trolling people and moving threads there. Jessie J and Tulisa come to mind.

    We stan queens who abuse their powers.
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  7. Jesus Christ this analogy. Amazing.
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