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COMPLETE - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

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  2. End of Desire AND Winterbreak kicked out in a one-two punch.

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  3. Also dddd I know my MUNA commentaries are kinda extra, but how could they not be with an album like that?

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  4. Today, the top 30 will be revealed. The two next cuts both got an 11 each and a total of THIRTY THREE 10s!

    God bless America
    And all the beautiful women in it
    God bless America
    And all the beautiful women in it
    May you stand proud and strong
    Like Lady Liberty shining all night long
    God bless America


    32. Lana Del Rey - God Bless America - and All The Beautiful Women In It


    Average: 8.02
    High: 11 x 1 (@tylerc904) 10 x 13 (@slaybellz @happiestgirl @Petty Mayonnaise @haps @Animalia @sfmartin @ufint @soratami @Michael17 @Oleander @kalonite @Remyky22 @Slice of Life
    Low: 3 x 1 (@Stradiwhovius )
    My score: 10

    10 voters in: 31
    20 voters in: 33
    30 voters in: 25
    40 voters in: 29
    50 voters in: 27
    60 voters in: 32

    It feels like every time we eliminate a song where @happiestgirl is the low scorer, we eliminate one of their 10s straight after - I guess karma is a bitch? I kinda wish this song didn't get dragged into that because this really should've made the top 30 over some of the remaining tracks. That said, I can't really be all that mad about this getting an 8+ average and thirteen 10s and an 11 - it hardly got 'done wrong', especially when compared to Heroin and Change. This seem to be pretty unanimously popular and scored mostly in the 7-10 range, allowing it to sit rather comfortably in the top 40 throughout voting; I was never worried once that it would fall out. It ended up being the 6th-highest-ranked Lana songs in the rate, which is about right - so well done.

    Like many of the deep cuts from Lust For Life, 'God Bless America...' sees Lana go political, adding a bit of attitude and nuance to her traditionally rose tinted Americana patriotism, and boy was I proud to see it. As soon as I heard those glorious opening chords on the 60s-sounding guitars on my very first listen, I knew this would be one of my favourite cuts from the album. The breezy and borderline anthemic chorus is one of my favourite pop choruses Lana has ever written, while the verses feel like classic Lana. Her speed-singing/warbling/ad-libbing over the final chorus is a MOMENT and gives me chills every time. So yeah, this is one of my personal top 5 songs from the album, but it is interchangeable with 13 Beaches, so I'm not too upset about it being the 6th highest ranked Lust For Life cut.

    Lana must agree with me because sis went TO TOWN when discussing this song in interviews.

    Del Rey first talked about the song during an interview with ELLE magazine UK during 2017. She stated that she wrote the song before the Women's Marches that took place in January 2017, but she mentioned that the track was in relation to the current political scene in the USA at the time: "I wrote God Bless America [a track on the album] before the Women's Marches, but I could tell they were going to happen… I realised a lot of women were nervous about some of the bills that might get passed that would directly affect them. So yes, it’s a direct response in anticipation of what I thought would happen, and what did happen."

    During an interview with Flaunt magazine, she revealed that she wanted to release it as a single but her manager, Ben Mawson was reluctant about this, the bastard. Moreover, she states that the song has a strong message and some "New York feel":

    She describes the song, of which Mawson shared earlier his reluctance to release as a single, given the tendency of Del Rey to net the mentioned public polarization, "It has some strong messaging," she says nodding. "Some iconography, with Lady Liberty, fire escapes and the streets, and I do get a little New York feel when I listen back to it." I tell her the song feels grandiose in production, anthemic in verse… very New York in fact, a sparkling pile of empire and accomplishment. And while New York (and its banks) have churned out the free world leader and a boys club not so concerned about everyone therein being blessed, moreover the "beautiful women in it"—reminding us that grandiosity has its pitfalls—"God Bless America" could easily ascend the ladder as a 2017 rally cry.

    I ask her if she feels the appropriative nature of the song title may stir any pots of sorts. "Well, it’s the God word," she says measuredly. "But the phrase has wider meaning. It’s more of a sentiment. When I wrote it I didn’t feel like it was confined to a traditional portrait of the Lord, as some sects might see it. It was more like, 'fucking God bless us all and let’s hope we make it through this." She further explains the genesis, "When all the Women’s Marches were happening, I had already written this song, because I had been hearing a lot of things online. And I have a sister, and a lot of girlfriends, who had a lot of concerns about things that were being said in the media by some of our leaders. And I saw an instant reaction from women, and I was like, 'Wow. There is no confusing how women are feeling about the state of the nation.' And so without really trying to, I felt compelled to just write a song and say we are all concerned. And it really made me think about my relationship with women. And I felt proud of myself, because I do love the women in my life. And I take care of them, and I ask them what they think about music, and guys, and problems, and I thought it was so cool that I’m really right there in the same boat with them".


    Um the chorus BOPS, how dare you mokitsu (4)? ‘What an underwhelming chorus. The gun shots are a nice touch but it doesn't save the song.’

    Bleedingheart80 (6): 'I like the song's message' Year of the Woman CONFIRMED...could've upped the score a bitsy but who's judging.

    Jackarywoo (7) mentions a band I have precisely ZERO time for: Is Lana becoming Panic At The Disco with this track names? Besides that, this is a very pretty track.

    Trouble in Paradise (8.5) references TALENT: The intro guitar always makes me think of “Fernando” by ABBA, but that’s beside the point. This is one of my favorites with such a twinking chorus.

    CorgiCorgiCorgi (9) co-signs my 'classic Lana' comment: 'This has a very Born To Die-era sound to it, which is my favorite Lana album, so I approve.' Totally!

    Fantasy (9) also calls it 'A very relevant song considering everything that went on this year with Trump and the women’s marches. Very empowering and that chorus just reels you in. Lana always does patriotism in her music so well (see National Anthem also).' Okay but #TeamNationalAnthemDemoVersionIsBetter always.

    Sprockrooster (9) brings up some skeletons from the pre-release era that I’d rather have forgotten: ‘Despite not being that unique in her catalog by being a very typical Lana song, this one manages to fill the void that has been created by the absense from Best American Record on this album.’ Why would u say that? Like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like u know im not happy u know im trying to see if it will work out here and I know it's not!

    Bangers&Bops (9.5) reminds me of another sadly forgotten Lana track: Lana Del Rey hasn’t played with acoustic guitar sounds since covering Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2," and the opening eventually builds into the electronic orchestra that usually bolsters her work. This song is notable for using the imagery of the Statue of Liberty to empower American women. Listen closely, and there’s criticism amidst the empowerment: two gun shots sound every time she sings “God bless America.”

    Michael17 (10) has nothin' but pleasantries for this: Love the guitar. Some of her most beautiful vocals. Gorgeous. The final chorus is sensational.

    kalonite (10) was feeling the optimism: It just makes you feel happy and hopeful, and it more than lives up to the level of expectation a Lana title like THAT sets up.

    sfmartin (10), like me, calls it 'very Born To Die with all the gun shots and anthemic chorus after chorus. The middle eight in tamdem with the chorus is magical.'

    Now happiestgirl (10), according to Yara Sofia in the stand up comedy challenge from season 3, what does an onion and a 14-inch dick have in common? Both ‘makes me cry. Thank you Lana feminist queen’.

    Bumpkin Slice of Life (10) feels deceived: The opening notes trolled me to believe this will be a straight up country Lana offering. But what I got was also very beautiful so lemme not complain that much.

    Soratami (10) provides a touch of road trip nostalgia: I remember listening to this while on a trip from Lisbon to Madrid and stopping in a gas station near the border, surrounded by huge wheat fields, in an area that looked exactly like rural USA. It was such an experience.

    slaybellz (10) correctly identifies the best part of the song: Only Lana could make me go around singing "God Bless America" at the top of my lungs. I honestly can't get enough of this song. There's a 90s feel to it that I love and that bridge!! And how she repeats it underneath the last chorus SO FUCKING GOOD!!

    Always one to be sentimental and profound, we'll close with ufint (10): This is what I came for, Lana. I love every single second of this song – everything from the lyrics to the vocals to the harmonies to the chorus to be “God bless… America… BANGBANG and all the beautiful women it”. Explosive and melodic and would have fitted perfectly on Paradise redux where it would have been the best song on the record together with “Ride”.

  5. Without a doubt the best track on the album. God bless Lana and the beautiful woman she is.

  6. Sorry for the skeletons @constantino.

    Disaster result by the way. I scored it a 9,0? Interesting. I pretty much 10ed half of the album so why this one got cut from that puzzles myself.
  7. A&E


    This song is quite sweet but I feel like the final change-up to "all the beautiful people in it" lets it down a little. Also, the melody reminds me just a little bit of Jens Lekman's Your Arms Around Me.
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  8. A sensational song. The second best off of LFL. I was hoping the MUNA cull was continuing...
  9. This is the best song on the album though????


  10. This gif you mean:

    God bless America...
  11. It's true

  12. Wow, really sucks to see this one go (especially before all the extras).
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  13. One more track to go until the top 30! Okay this is gonna be super rushed bc I'm going out tonight and forgot to prep the write-up in advance (Latrice_unprofessionalism.gif).


    31. Charli XCX - Lipgloss (featuring CupcakKe)

    Literally the only picture I could find of this performance without Br**ke C*andy

    Average: 8.04
    High: 11 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 10 x 19 (@JapaneseJesus @Petty Mayonnaise @GimmeWork @Bangers&Bops @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Joe. @Sprockrooster @Kuhleezi @ohnostalgia @MiChiMadNesS @gagapourgaga @Remorque @Oleander @Fantasy @Daniel! @Heaven on Earth @RUNAWAY @HeartSwells @Slice of Life)
    Low: 2 x 3 (@mokitsu @Hurricane Drunk @A&E
    My score: 9

    10 voters in: 52
    20 voters in: 40
    30 voters in: 32
    40 voters in: 32
    50 voters in: 32
    60 voters in: 30

    It's time for us to snatch another Charli track...just hairs away from the top 30, poor it! If I'm honest, I'm not too upset about this leaving considering how well it has done despite being perceived as a bit of a 'joke song' by many. It never entered the top 30 throughout voting until the last set of voters...until our penultimate voter @A&E came along and knocked it back a place. The tea is that the track at #30 is far better so I feel like #31 is about right.

    This is one of the most fun and irreverent songs in the entire rate, most of which is down to CupcakKe who totally steals the show. Her flow is on point (shock) and her lyrics are as witty and hilarious as ever, with the 'never fuck a man who wears briefs' line being so iconic and revolutionary that Pope Francis decided to add it as the 11th commandment in contemporary Christianity. New Rules found rotting! Perhaps my favourite part of this song, aside from the heavenly outro, is that it's the by-production of crazy, silly gay twitter stans who instigated this collaboration with a few tweets to CupcakKe saying 'omg collab with Charli queen!'...and here we are, the first of two Charli/CupcakKe collaborations. Life is crazy xx

    Speaking of crazy, Miss A.G. Cook had a lot to say:

    What can I even say about this track?? In a way I feel proudest of this one, for all of us somehow pulling it off. It's so much fun to play this one live, and also just to play this for people to listen to. I feel like it's evidence of a kinda hybrid, next-level strain of pop-rap-electronic-whatever music that is completely plausible & functional, not just an idea.

    We were already fairly close to finishing the mixtape when Charli and CupcakKe starting talking on Twitter, and Charli was immediately like, "we need something for CupcakKe!!" We both didn't want her to just feature on something chill, and we were so motivated by the insane energy that CupcakKe has, so I started thinking of instrumentals I had that were kinda over-the-top. I then remembered this unreleased Life Sim track called 'Lightning' which I'd been sent ages ago, and had made a special edit of for when I played Hudson Mohawke's Warehouse Project night in Manchester. I don't really play many gigs, so I always end up making new tracks/edits specifically for each night. Both the original 'Lightning' and my edit channeled a sort of Hud Mo intensity, but with a synth line that's hectic enough to be a bit uncomfortable to dance to :P Then for the mixtape I slowed it down a bit and added a half-time section where I imagined CupcakKe being. It immediately got sent through and within days we had CupcakKe's verse, somehow perfectly executed over my messy demo.

    Then this Fader show came up, which Charli, Sophie & I played together. It was quite a sudden booking, and the set wasn't really planned much, but we decided to debut a couple of mixtape songs. We actually didn't end up playing Lipgloss, but in preparing it, Soph & I talked about the energy of CupcakKe's bit, and it was obvious that the song would explode (in a good way) if all the parts suddenly dropped out to reveal a tough Sophie-scape for CupcakKe to tear up. I ended up finishing the final arrangement on my own back in London, kinda navigating the hectic Life Sim riff and the slick Sophie parts within a brutally short production deadline. But we all talked about the structure of it a lot, and Sophie ended up usefully suggesting that the song should end with one of those "extended Life Sim style build ups with no drop". By that point, I knew that Lipgloss was going to be the last track on the mixtape, so I thought it would be sweet to have this extra "It's Charli..." section at the very end. It's just all of Charli's ad-lib takes playing out in a row, but somehow it just worked to finish everything off with just one more ridiculous move.

    Now onto the commentary, most of which leaves poor Charli in the dirt ddd:

    If Mokitsu giving this a measly 2 wasn’t bad enough, he serves up some serious ‘I’m not like the other gays’ teas with his commentary: ‘I don't like Cupcakke, I don't like the production. I'm not gay enough for this!’. Poor you.

    Trouble in Paradise (4) gives more light Cupcakke praise...which is something: 'This song was pretty annoying until CupcakKe showed up. The pineapple line gets it a one point increase, not sure if this song knows how to end itself.' UM, if there’s one thing Queen Elizabitch definately knows how to do, it’s finish herself off.

    Bleedingheart80 (5) channels her inner Aretha: I’ll pass.

    Haps (6.5) makes me chuckle: 'She ate some pineapple and now her pussy is sweet. Learning so much from Charlie'. Queen Elizabitch continues to teach the children.

    For someone with the username happiestgirl (7) I would expect you to complain a little less tee bee aich…’For some reason I don’t like the Cupcakke part as much as the rest which makes me sad because I love Cupcakke. But other than that a bop. The end turns into a bit of a racket though’.

    ufint (8.5): 'I love CupcakKe so much. Keep it sticky-icky like lipgloss. Now that’s a memorable line, isn’t it?' Ebony Jenkins_yes.gif.

    Stradiwhovius (8.5) throws some Charli shade to be real cute: CupcakKe completely outshines Charli - who is running her most annoying voice on this track - but outshining or not, she still makes it.

    Michael17 (8.5) agrees: Basically CupcakKe featuring Charli, but that’s fine. A great choice to close. Charli doesn’t add much in the chorus at all, but her adlibs are great such as “it’s Chah-lee”, CupcakKe steals the show. Props to her for giving CupcakKe and the other lesser-known featured artists a chance to shine.

    Jackarywoo (9): 'All the points for CupcakKe.' Poor Charles!

    Soratami (9): 'CupcakKe is probably the high point of this whole mixtape.' Poor Charles, part 2!

    Slaybellz (9) 'could listen to her say “it’s charli baby” for hours. Lowkey one of the best moments on the whole mixtape.'

    @Cassava (9): don’t @ me complaining about lyrics in other places but thinking never trust a man who wear briefs is true genius.

    For Kalonite (9), 'it's like a perfect storm of unbridled vulgarity. I love the end where it sounds like Charli’s been ghosted by a bored Cupcake.'

    Sfmartin (9), too, stans the outro: '"It's Chaaaaarlie baby, hey CupcakKe!" The raps are ferocious. CupcakKe is blisteringly good on this. Production is superb. The outro is also great.'

    CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) simply put ‘legends only’, indeed.

    Gagapourgaga (10) ‘wants this played at [their] funeral’, so take notes girls!

    Sprockrooster (10) gets their LGBT+ flag flying: CupcakKe on the track instantly elevates the track. And those gaytastic lyrics with Kylie-esque synths are a LGBT-miracle.

    Joe. (10): "Open my legs, Bon Appétit!" I mean, this Mixtape has plenty of them, but between 2:23 - 3:15 is one of Charli's finest moments. Ever.

    GimmeWork (10) has no qualms shoving Charli aside: The fact that it feels more like a Cupcakke song than a Charli song isn’t even a bad thing. This song just goes off for me! IT’S CHARLI BABY!

    Kuhleezi (10): Some days it's hard to believe this song actually exists outside of a particularly delirious ATRL poster's fever dream. One of the most utterly ridiculous and utterly gorgeous things that's ever graced my ear canal. *Pinches you*

    Bangers&Bops (10) calls it 'a video game-esque canonical intro gives way to grimy and raunchily clever raps provided by CupcakKe. This is another one of the album's poppier ventures, rocking and rolling with innuendo. It's a carefree and positive closer to an emotionally explorative album.'

    Once again, we close with Fantasy (10): Now this is the collab that we all needed and deserved. It almost has a ‘music from a video game’ quality about it and I love the contrast between Charli’s upbeat sugary chorus and CupcakKe’s verses. As always, CupcakKe delivered some brilliant lines, and I especially live for the part where she says: “Never trust a man who wear briefs / 'Cause he gon’ wanna fuck and keep it brief”. She has such a way with words I swear. I also love watching their performance of it from Lollapollaza and the crowd go crazy when CupcakKe comes out.

    Open my legs


    Let's dance
  14. Oh wow I thought Lipgloss would be a dead cert for top 20 at least.

    Lorde - Melodrama

    Green Light
    Homemade Dynamite
    The Louvre
    Hard Feelings/Loveless
    Perfect Places

    MUNA - About U

    So Special
    I Know a Place
    Around U
    Crying On The Bathroom Floor

    HAIM - Something To Tell You

    Want You Back

    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

    Lust for Life
    13 Beaches
    Get Free

    Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel

    3AM (Pull Up)

    St. Vincent - Masseduction

    Los Ageless
    New York
    Young Lover


    Tei Shi - Say You Do
    Tove Lo - Disco Tits
    Susanne Sundfør - Undercover
    George Maple - Hero



  16. Want You Back right now:
  17. Get Haim and Tove Lo out asap, what the fuck are they even doing here at this point.
  18. Say You Do feels like the little song that could and I'm so happy to see it still here

  19. Y'all are doing Charli soooo dirty!

    If ILY2 doesn't AT LEAST make top 20 then cancel the rate.
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