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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by stuaw, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Anyone else seen this?

    It was interesting, if uncomfortable, to watch.
  2. I saw it last week and didn't particularly enjoy it. The first half worked for me but the second half drastically went downhill.

    I'm aware it was based on true events but the film didn't convey in any realistic sense how they got that far. I've studied case studies in Psychology and I know about subjects listening to authority and such but this just felt way too unbelievable. The ending was so empty, not ambigously thought provoking but instead just completely barren.
  3. It's such a film school movie, right? As in, they'll be showing it at film schools for years. You could sense the director was pushing things as far as he could without devolving into exploitation, and I've read many different reactions about whether or not he pulls it off.

    When I think back on it, the whole premise was ridiculous, but watching it I allowed the filmmakers a lot of leeway. I don't know - I think there's a certain point early in the film where the manager asks to strip search Becca (that was her name, right) and if you buy into that plot point then the rest of the film works, but if you cannot then it doesn't.
  4. But you do realise this all actually happened in real life though, right? That's why it's so infuriating!


    If anything, from what I've read about it, Van was way too sympathetic a character in the film.
  5. Yeah, I guess it is a bit film school, it fet as frustrating as watching avant garde to be honest.

    That looks like an old cash office I used to work in! I can't believe that is on YouTube, how disgusting.

    I will say, I fet the casting was strong and I did like the inbetween everyday bits of working in a fast food restaraunt.
  6. Yes, I know it's based on real events. Still, putting the story into the context of a film is another thing entirely, and that's what I meant by the premise being ridiculous. It's one thing to hear or read a news story, it's another to watch a film.
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