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Conan Gray - Kid Krow (20 March 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andru, Oct 3, 2018.

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  2. Rem


    not my gay ass crying to heather

  3. Heather is easily the best song on the album so I'm glad to see it get some additional promo!
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  4. A song called "Overdrive" from the Kid Krow sessions leaked over the weekend because it was accidentally available on a mobile streaming app (available in the US and Mexico as far as I can tell).

    It might have been intended for the album at some point as the app places it as track 2 between "Comfort Crowd" and "Wish You Were Sober" in the tracklisting. It's a fantastic little track anyway.

    The style of it matches some of the more uptempo songs from the album - a cross between "Wish You Were Sober" and "Maniac" - but it does feel a little out of place and I'm not sure it really adds anything to the album so I can see why it was scrapped.
  5. So Heather is kind of blowing up on all streaming platforms? It’s a good song, but I just wish he’d tone down his nasal way of singing. It‘s kind of distracting for me. That said, I would’ve totally bought into this when I was a teen.
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  6. Not sure where the information is coming from (besides Overdrive being made available, I assume by mistake), but fans are saying Kid Krow will be re-released with 3 new songs including Overdrive, Heather (Acoustic) and one more.

  7. A music video for Heather will be out today, too. 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 4PM GMT.

  8. "Heather" video. Seems like something that might have been recorded recently, and available in response to the attention the song has been getting lately.

  9. Yikes, that was a low-budget thirst trap pretending to be a music video. They could’ve at least developed the cross dressing element more to make a more interesting video.
  10. Is Billie being paid under the table for this?
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  12. What do you mean?
  13. Nice to see him praised by the likes of Elton. Not here for the "not real songs" bullshit about other charting music though.
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  14. @Elton

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  15. Thanks for your insightful input... Elton.
  16. Wow, that's quite impressive!
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