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Conan Gray - Kid Krow (20 March 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andru, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. 'Overdrive' is HUGE. He needs to release it asap.
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  2. Yeah, slightly strange comment from someone who‘s career was built on writing songs with another writer, but I do get the point he’s trying to make. While having multiple songwriters doesn’t mean a song isn’t ‘real’, sometimes you see 12 or 13 writers on a song and it does seem a bit excessive.

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  4. Finally gave this a listen and I agree that "Heather" stands above the rest. "The Story" got me good though. I'm hopeful he'll come out from under the shadows of his influences and trend chasing with his next project.
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  6. I've noticed some rumours that there's a collaboration with Lauv coming.

    Not entirely sure where it's all originating from so it could be Fake, but it'd be interesting to see how well Conan collaborates with another artist like that since I don't think he has done so yet.
  7. Performing on The Late Show with James Corden tonight.

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  10. I believe this is the actual artwork that'll be revealed tomorrow with the release of Fake (rather than the text-only one seen on the pre-save link). Fans have been able to source it from Shazam:

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  11. Well, it’s over
  12. Out now.

    It's fine. Doesn't hold a candle to anything on Kid Krow, but as a bit of a random in-between release it's okay.
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  14. His verse / bridge is clearly the best part of the song. Very Taylor.

    Also, I'd like to point out this is a Lauv song "with" Conan Gray, and not the other way around (judging by the legal credits on Spotify but also the order of the artists on the MV, and the fact that it's on Lauv's YouTube channel)
  15. It's cute.

    I expected more for some reason, but I think it's exactly what I SHOULD have expected, if that makes sense...
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  16. I don't get Lauv. Who is his audience? Straight girls with a single gay friend who have "Ally <3" in their instagram profile? I know he has some sort of sweet Spotify deal but i need him to stop releasing lazy collabs with better queer artists
  17. Never mind, I'm obsessed with 'Fake'.
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