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Conan Gray - Superache (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andru, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. "Memories" artwork, out midnight.

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  3. It's a cute track - a little bit too twee and theatrical in the way Conan delivers the verses, but I like the chorus and begin to enjoy it more as the song progresses.
  4. I like some of the one-off singles better, honestly. This is serving a very heavy dose of melodrama.
  5. I think this one of the best songs he’s put out in a while. Love how packed of melodies and little moments it is.
  6. "Memories" music video:

    Behind the scenes:

    Interesting that Conan says it's the first music video for Superache. I assumed People Watching and Astronomy would find their way onto the album, but I guess only Telepath and Jigsaw will if any of the releases between Kid Krow and now do end up here.
  7. I really wish Overdrive had exploded. I need him to live in that soundscape a little longer. I’m mainly only here for the uptempos like Maniac, Wish You Were Sober and Telepath.

    I’m worried we’re at risk of a decidedly down tempo album.
  8. Gorgeous art direction. He’s a very underrated artist visually.
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  9. Conan also posted about an Urban Outfitters Exclusive (pictured) but there's no link yet.
    Keep an eye out if you want it!

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  10. I wish I was confident enough to preorder cause he really does nail the visual. I wasn’t won over by the cover at first but now seeing the whole visual, it clicks. I just haven’t heard him step to the next level for me to commit to a vinyl
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  11. As far as I can tell the track list hasn't been revealed yet, but we can see this on the vinyl images:

    2. People Watching
    3. Disaster
    4. Best Friend
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  12. I've been meaning to post in this thread that while Superache is one of the best album titles I've ever heard, the cover was horrible, but that target artwork + the UO picturedisk do a marvellous job of silencing that particular criticism.
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  14. Apparently this is the track list:


    It looks like it came from Amazon, but I checked there and it's not currently showing.

    If it's real (I assume it is) then it means that both Overdrive and Telepath have been left off the album. I'm not too surprised about Overdrive because it was supposed to be attached to the Kid Krow era. Telepath would definitely be a snub though, considering that it was released after Astronomy and People Watching.

    I do enjoy Conan's "overwrought" songs, but I hope there's some lighter moments to be found on the album.

    CD, Cassette and Red Vinyl are available from his UK store:
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  15. "Yours" is out May 19 if Conan's latest Instagram teases are anything to go by.
  16. He just does not have the voice or personality to sell all these boring ballads.
  17. Artwork for “Yours” out at midnight ET.

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