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Conan Gray - Superache (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andru, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Tracklisting confirmed via Apple Music:
    1. Movies - 3:34
    2. People Watching - 2:38
    3. Disaster - 2:33
    4. Best Friend - 2:28
    5. Astronomy - 4:03
    6. Yours - 3:24
    7. Jigsaw - 3:28
    8. Family Line - 3:36
    9. Summer Child - 2:59
    10. Footnote - 3:44
    11. Memories - 4:08
    12. The Exit - 3:41
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  2. Not including Overdrive and Telepath, but including all these forgettable songs he put out like a year ago? Mess.
  3. Julia Michaels, Dan Nigro and Cirkut (???) are tagged in his Instagram post announcing the tracklist.
  4. Yep, Cirkut is credited on "Disaster" according to Apple Music.
    1. Movies - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    2. People Watching - Conan Gray, Daniel Nigro and Julia Michaels
    3. Disaster - Conan Gray, Julia Michaels and Henry Walter
    4. Best Friend - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    5. Astronomy - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    6. Yours - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    7. Jigsaw - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    8. Family Line - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    9. Summer Child - Conan Gray
    10. Footnote - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    11. Memories - Conan Gray and Daniel Nigro
    12. The Exit - Conan Gray, Daniel Nigro and Julia Michaels
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  5. RMK


    Nothing has topped Maniac for me.
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  6. 'Overdrive' and 'Telepath' are the only good things from this 'era' and they're really not on it? Not more ballads
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  7. Beautiful gowns, great gowns...
  8. All of these drippy piano ballads sound the same. Even if he is shunning the synth bops, there could at least be some range in the down tempos.
  9. Is this … still not out?
  10. June 24th!
  11. Personally I really like Yours, Jigsaw and especially Memories. He’s got a great ear for a catchy pop melody.

    I do agree it’d be nice to get more bops though, I loved Maniac and Wish You Were Sober.
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  13. With Dan Nigro back doing most of the co-writing, I’m cautiously perched but I don’t think this will be the step up I need from him. There’s real voice and talent peaking through his best songs that give me hope he can blossom into a true songwriting force
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  14. It’s only his second album, so I wouldn’t put on too much pressure. But I certainly see what you mean. A lot of what Conan puts out, for me, is very “Almost, but not quite.” Which is very exciting but sometimes frustrating.
  15. It's out there.

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  17. "Disaster" is the bop, for those that wanna take it and run.

    Overall I really like the album, but on first listen I found it started to seem a bit same-y after "Jigsaw" (lyrically "Family Line" is the highlight for me though, like a successor to "The Story" but it comes across more introspective). I feel like it is held back by staying too close to the general sound and writing style, and the best - most varied - tracks are in the first half, but following on from the EPs and Kid Krow it does continue to show Conan's potential. I think his best work is yet to come.
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