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Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People (debut album April 2018)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 12, 2017.

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  3. Had these two tracks on repeat. Total bops. Come on peeps!
  4. @Vasilios I can't believe you haven't mentioned 'Boyfriend (Repeat)' - it's my top bop at the moment.
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  5. Just discovered them via their St Etienne remix. This is so playful '90s electronica circa Lemon Jelly, Fatboy Slim, Mr. Scruff etc. I need more of this!
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  6. I had a telephone call with Miami Horror's singer and we talked about this group.
  7. I saw these guys play The Great Escape last week, and they put on a goddamn good show!
  8. 'Boyfriend (Repeat)' looks like it might do something for them at last. Desperate for more tunes - these two songs are pop gold.
  9. Brilliantly shambolic in an early Bananarama kind of way. The guy has no rhythm whatsoever. Some Deee-Lite isms in there too. I want to see them live now!
  10. Performance at Splendour this weekend. Love it!
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  11. So I just heard about them through NME and I´m confused to why Popjustice has never talked about them, really great!
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  13. Better Sit Down Boy is such a banger. Reminds me of Graffiti My Soul and Money.
  14. I love this, the vibe of the performance is oustanding.
  15. Wow, 'Confidence Man' is indeed very Girls Aloud. Into it.

    It reminds me of something Britney would write by herself.
  16. I keep returning to these guys when I want some fun pointless pop. I'm very interested to see how their vibe evolves.
  17. Better Sit Down Boy is a fucking BOP.
  18. I so wanna see them live. An album with these three singles plus seven more just like 'em will do very nicely thank you.
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