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Confidence Man - Tilt (2nd album) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. This album is absolutely fantastic.
  2. If you get the chance to see them while they’re on their tour, I highly encourage it. It’s like the most euphoric workout, just banger after banger with more costume changes that a one hour show needs, but each one is worth it.

    And if you’ve already got the vinyl, they’re selling the tilted sleeve on its own - £10 instead of £35 for the version with the record from their Bandcamp
  3. Looks like they’ve sold out of the tilted vinyl. None in sight tonight in Glasgow.

    What a show. I thought the new album was more poppy than the previous one and wasn’t sure how that would merge with the previous material but it worked so well. Could’ve done with a few more from the first album though (especially since this was a rescheduled April 2020 date for the first album). They were late in coming on (9pm stage time rather than the 8:30 advertised) but more than made up for it. We got a Bubblegum encore too which wasn’t on the setlist. Unsure if that’s been standard for the last few shows?
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  4. pdf


    Well, they are an absolute riot live.
  5. I had no idea they had released another album! Their debut still stands strong 4 years later.

    If you're going to the UK leg, don't miss Mind Enterprises opening for them. He's a blast and the only Italian I respect xx
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  6. I really cannot get enough of this album.
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  7. They're my recent discovery and I haven't been excited by a new act as I am about them in a very long time. *looks up their tour dates*
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  8. Their Cambridge gig on Thursday was one of the best pop gigs I've ever been to. Their energy is just so uplifting. Bops for days.
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  9. They were on Jools Holland this week which was lovely to see.
  10. I'd never heard of them but it was a great performance.
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  11. There are well worth checking out. Both of their albums are excellent.
  12. They're amazing live. Such great energy.
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  13. Janet is an icon. I hope they take the UK festivals by storm this summer, starting with Mighty Hoopla.
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  14. Loved their Glastonbury set, they genuinely looked like they were loving every second of it. Crushing hard on Sugar too.
  15. Their Glasto set was filthy and sexy. The crowd really took to them!
  16. Their set convinced me to buy Tilt on lovely blue vinyl. The energy of it, no wonder they had to lie down for a moment or two.
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