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Contemporary Spanish pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Given the resurgence of crossover Spanish hits in the US and UK charts lately (case in point: Despacito tying the all-time record for most weeks at #1 in the US and Reggaetón Lento and Subeme La Radio both breaking the UK top 10) I thought it was time to have a thread to post your favourite current pop tracks that are sung in Spanish.

    (I know there is already a "Spanish pop of yesteryear" thread, but I didn't see a thread for contemporary music.)

    I'll start with some of my favourites:

    Ruth Lorenzo - Renuncio (2015) (I know she has her own thread, but I'm posting it anyway)

    Pastora Soler - Quédate Conmigo (2012)

    David Bisbal - Fiebre (2016)

    Pablo Alborán - Recuérdame (2015)

    Luis Fonsi & Juan Luis Guerra - Llegaste Tú (2014)
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  2. I LOVE music in Spanish (even Reggaeton, no judging please) and constantly update my playlist so any suggestions from natives would be great!

    I have to admit anything by Daddy Yankee goes AWFFF! Also Pitbull is much more tolerable in Spanish (El Taxi is still that basic bop).

    Some bops:
    Danny Ocean - Me Rehúso (2016)

    HA-ASH ft. Prince Royce - 100 Años (Check out Prince Royce's English album Double Vision, it's very pop/R&B)

    Aran - Una Vez Mas

    Romeo Santos ft. Daddy Yankee & Nicky Jam - Bella y Sensual

    Joey Montana ft. Sebastián Yatra - Suena El Dembow (It's VERY Despacito)
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  3. These ladies deserve their own post. This has been largely a male-dominated sound so I'm glad more women are breaking through with it.

    Karol G ft. Bad Bunny - Ahora Me Llama

    Becky G ft. Bad Bunny - Mayores (Who doesn't love a DILF?)

    Natti Natasha ft. Ozuna - Criminal

    Snow Tha Product ft. Arcángel - Nuestra Cancion Pt. 2

    I would love if the influx of Spanish songs on the chart inspired people to learn Spanish.
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  4. I must check these out!

    Gasolina is still my go-to Daddy Yankee jam (even if there does seem to be some debate about what he's referring to).

    I only know Joey Montana from "Picky" (I heard it in a bar once and thought he was singing "piggy piggy piggy piggy", so thank goodness the word is in the title).
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  5. Gasolina is still that jam! I love hearing it when I'm out.

    I completely forgot about Picky! A total bop! I know he's being deliberately sexual by using English but I wished he used the Spanish word for picky, it's legit my favourite word in Spanish! Maybe they don't use it in Panama though.
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  6. I absolutely love Spanish music too. I’ve been learning Spanish for a while and find music helps me pick up new words and phrases. I’m on my lunch break at work at the moment so will listen to the songs above later on that I’m unfamiliar with.

    I’ll also post some of my favourites later on, there are many!

    It’s great to see other PJers who are fans too. Are there many native Spanish speakers here too?
  7. I don't speak Spanish at all but I can kind of understand basic Spanish sentences now based entirely on pop songs and my knowledge of French.

    Learning a language through pop is interesting. I can say "I like that beard" and "Where is the man with fire in his blood?" (thanks to Shakira and Geri respectively) but I can't give directions to the railway station.
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  8. I know she has her own thread but still.

  9. I’ll share one for now until I can go through my songs properly. I’ve wanted to share this for a while on here but didn’t think anyone would be interested. I think this is a very PJ friendly Spanish pop track

    This is one of their original songs and I love it. But if you check out their YouTube channel they have done loads of Spanish covers of PJ favourites from Dua Lipa and Little Mix to Taylor and Ariana.
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  10. I´m so here for this thread

    Also trying to lear spanish and I feel like the music really helps. I´ve been listening to Becky G and Juanes a lot lately, but there´s this Uruguayan band that has been nominated to the Latin Grammys that has really got my attention lately, it´s called El Cuarteto de Nos

    They´re more alternative than pop, but their songs are great either way
  11. DEAD at this. My boyfriend is actually a Gaúcho (in the sense that he's from Rio Grande do Sul) so he's gonna love this one.
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  12. These 2 songs are mega bops.

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  13. Yasssssss loving this thread already! As the spaniard I am, let me leave on here one of my favorites spanish songs, this one is from Amaral, a popular pop/rock band here in Spain, if you like it check their albums, all of them are quite good

    This song always blows my mind
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  14. My dad is also a Gaucho from RS too, I wasn´t aware they used the same term in Uruguay as well, I found that really amusing. But that actually makes a lot of sense considering the proximity of RS and Uruguay
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  15. They are not the same word. In Portugues, gaúcho is just a person from RS. In Spanish, gaucho is kind of like a cowboy from the rural areas.
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  16. I tried looking this up to figure out what you all were talking about and Wikipedia gave me this:

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  17. I was going to post a video but I can't actually remember what either the song or the singer are called - A young, black haired Spanish language female singer singing a dance-pop song with a very colourful/visually striking video, from around the early 2010s. I remember one scene had her sitting in a bed in a very ornate dress, and another had her and a guy running around a city. And also that she's released a few albums by now and one of them had a title with a reference to psychology. Does that ring a bell with anone?
  18. So I already had a playlist in Spotify with some songs and I added all the ones you mentioned here, if you wanna check it out, here it is:

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  19. Another Spanish here.

    I never cared for Spanish music (or just music in the language)... until i moved to the UK and I started to miss the language and appreciate my heritage blablabla

    There's a cute Spotify playlist called Latin Divas that has plenty of current music mixed with some classics (Rocío Durcal anyone? lol)

    Anyway, some of my faves:

    JLo - Ni tú ni yo

    Hanna - Como un mar eterno

    Romeo Santos - Un vuelo a la

    If you're into reggaeton, there's also Latin Urban Divas (yes, it's all divas, this is PJ) and there you have songs like...

    And never forget the gay hymn that was this song:

    Aaaaand more gay (a homage to Paris is Burning!)

    (How far can we go in this 'contemporary' thread though? lol)
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