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Contemporary Spanish pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Oct 20, 2017.

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  2. I’ve only just discovered this as it was recommended on YouTube. But it’s a girl group singing in Spanish, so ticks two big boxes already:

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  3. Thanks to this thread I've discovered Alvaro Soler and Sebastian Yatra - love them both!
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  4. I'm in! What a bop! Thanks for this.
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  5. Does anyone have any recommendations of Spanish Christmas music? I've never been able to find much of it.

    Laura Pausini released a Christmas album last year with the Patrick Williams Orchestra, which are reinterpretations of classic Christmas songs. Some are still in English, but many are in Spanish, such as:

    And then there's this one by one of my favourite Spanish bands as I mentioned before

    Does anyone have any other recommendations?

  6. Get into this megabop girls
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  7. New spanish super bop, radio stations here are playing this one so much, check it out:

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  8. I need to check out more of Ana Mena. Between this and Ahora Lloras Tu, she's serving the bops!
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  9. The new Pablo Alboran album is out today.

    Lowkey bopping to Idiota.

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  10. Listen to this and tell me that Girls Aloud wouldn't do an amazing cover of it

  11. It's technically not in Spanish, but I thought I would post this performance of City of Stars from Spain's Pop Idol which has gone viral this week. The show has produced some of Spain's biggest current stars, and these two have a lot of potential.

  12. This is one of my favorite songs of this year. She was my favorite in RBD, and has gone to be the most successful member since the groups split, check them out, their discography is bop after bop.

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  14. I'm so glad she's moving on from that tired Meghan Trainer first album shtick she had going on.
  15. I can't get over how great this is.
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  16. So the Spanish girl group I posted above have released their debut album. Mess at it being a Christmas one, but I do like Christmas albums, Spanish music, and girl groups so it's a win for me. Here's a new music video too:

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  17. Who debuts with a Christmas album, though? That seems like a very odd decision.
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  18. Solid, breezy bop! Why isn't it summer already?
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  19. Get into these.

  20. Still waiting for Bailalo. Why is Belinda such a mess!
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