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Contemporary Spanish pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. For me it's all about Bad Gyal. Jacaranda is one of the songs of the year

  2. I am mostly into female voices, but Pablo Alboran's voice is just perfect. I absolutely love his Tanto and Terral albums, his new one, Prometo, is good, too. Wish he toured Europe outside Spain!
    His song Vivela, El Beso, Vivir, Saturno, Tanto, Por fin are all brilliant, to me.
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  3. Pablo has possibly my favourite voice in Spanish pop today. The album version of Recuerdame is just amazing.
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  4. Anyone following the new Queen of Spain?

    She’s now in Operación Triunfo (talent show) but she’s literally a meme with legs full of talent.

    As someone who lived the very first OT and saw how it sank in the following years, I’m quite happy that it’s found its foot again and that the participants are a lot more down to earth and diverse than previously (the last couple of seasons were unbearable because they were all so full of themselves).
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  5. I couldn't resist, booked tickets to see Pablo in Madrid in June - good opportunity to visit a city I've never visited before!
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  6. I love this

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  7. She's amazing. She did this last night and has basically won the contest even though there's still a month left till the finale.

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  8. Yeah, she’s the best of the bunch, but I wasn’t amazed by that performance, tbh.

    She has a great voice, but she isn’t even close to Florence’s range.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Florence in concert a few times and she’s scalped me every single time, but seeing Amaia’s cover left me cold.
    Very correct and probably impossible to do for the other contestants, but that’s it.
  9. I'm looking forward to my vacation to Spain this Summer; third time in 5 years. Of course going to see Pablo Alborán perform (Madrid), and maybe some other people as well; any tips?
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  10. Amaia was phenomenal this week with this song. Also kudos to the show for rediscovering such an old worker protest song for the younger generation.

    I would also love to see her releasing music like this in the future, although I'm afraid Universal is going to force her to record some cheap dance stuff, like Vale Music used to do in previous seasons.
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  11. Natti Natasha getting top billing? I hope this is a hit for her. It’s a total bop.

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  12. Now that she's getting some attention as she's written one of the candidate songs for Spain's entry in Eurovision this year, let's pay some attention to Brisa Fenoy, our very own M.I.A.

  13. Phenomenal girls.

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  14. I watched Operación Triunfo finale yesterday and I must say that those two were by far the most talented ones. Their performances were pretty much perfect indeed.
  15. I'm so mad Belinda keeps wasting her youth and potential. 5 freaking years since her last album. Who does that?
  16. GodTina.
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  17. Oreotina is not in her 20's anymore lol.She worked hard when she was younger.

    The fact we'll never get this ugh
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  18. Why what happen with that song and video?
  19. She was dating Chris Angel and he directed and apparently paid for the video too. They broke up while the video was in production and he was asking her for a big amount of money. Belinda's dumb *** is independent for some reason(probably because shes hard to work with) so she would've had to pay from her own money to get it. Seems like the Steve Aoki collab happened cuz of Chris too. A shame tbh.
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  20. I stan her so much. This and the new single are AMAZING.

    @DarkSacoura !!!
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