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Contemporary Spanish pop

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. It is! She seems to really know what she's doing. I also noticed that CharliXCX and Hannah Diamond liked the clip on instagram.

    New mixtape coming out at the end of the month:

    1. CANDELA
    3. SIGO IWAL
    4. REALIZE
    5. OJALA
    6. TRUST ft. FABEROA
    7. BLINK
    8. EN TU MOTO
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  2. I should be ashamed of myself for enjoying so many Daddy Yankee songs when they’re reductive, sound similar and don’t really paint women in the best light either. But he always brings the bops and this is another one!
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  3. Her album is out!
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  4. Super basic bop, but it's so addictive.

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  5. This is a fucking bop. I need to check out her mixtapes.
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  6. Her first mixtape, 'Slow Wine' is, for me, much better. The rest of 'Worldwide Angel' is good to great, very similar to Blink, so you'll enjoy it, but her first one is riskier and more careless. 'Jacaranda' and 'Nicest Cocky', motherless singles, are brilliant too.
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  7. Bop of the year from a recently reunited mexican Girlband:

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  8. @Bslg17 I absolutely love the new Bad Gyal album (mixtape?). It's fantastic. But, yeah, like @sesita said, Jacaranda it where it's at. What a banger.
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  9. Well hello summer

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  10. She jumped on the trap bandwagon! Not too bad though
  11. I do not think I am familiar with her previous music. Any recommendations cause this weather has been too cold and rainy for too long. I need a vitamine d shot musically.
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  12. BOP
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  13. Omg. Thanks!!
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  14. Let me step into this thread to remember this GODLY atmospheric bop
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  15. I didn't even know this thread existed!

    Also, qué tipo de bop es eso? ME ENCANTA. I stan.
  16. pdf


    No love for Bomba Estereo? This is excellent
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  17. Holy shit what a BOP!!!
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