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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Future Lover, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Thanks to a lovely member on here, I discovered her recently and binged everything she's ever done. Very elaborate and amusing, but also intellectual, videos on a variety of controversial topics, and a complete dismantling of the alt-right. Here's the latest one on incels.

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  2. Her video throwing subliminal shade at Blaire White is hilarious.

    I've seen the new Incels video on my feed but haven't gotten around to watching it. I guess I'll do that now.
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  3. They're a bit on the long side, so I usually speed them up a bit. She seems to be a controversial figure, with an airbrushed past on YouTube, but that doesn't mean her videos are any less amazing. Also, the "Tiffany Tumbles" video goes beyond just Blaire White. It really reveals so much about internalized self-prejudice, not only for LGBT people.
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  4. Let's revive this thread shall we? The new video is great and really gave me some new ideas to think about (although I think she tangents just a tad too much in this one).

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  5. Yep, it really boils down to finding a non-toxic path for masculinity, which is excellent, and I feel like she suddenly said something very true, yet I've never heard it before. So simple.
    The incels video was very poignant for me, since I realized how I stumbled upon a same way of thinking even before it became an epidemic of sorts. It's hard admitting this shit, but I always thought guys hated me because of the way I looked, and I just wanted God to smite them all or something, just so I could feel more accepted. I only left that way of thinking by chance i.e. meeting my current partner who was caring and loving enough to cure that nonsense. I relate in a very bizarre way, and she was very right speaking about how looking for approval of your imagined flaws is intoxicating and "more real" than the niceties we get most of our lives.
  6. I miss Natalie. I hope now she's left Twitter she can regroup and start pumping out content more frequently next year but sadly I think the harassment campaign against her is taking its toll. And I have to wonder who's actually actively involved in that and what they're getting out of it. The whole situation is a mess.

  7. Super long video that’s both a discussion on “cancel culture” and her recent controversy involving Buck Angel and the NB community.
  8. I fucking love her and I'm glad she's ok. I actually get the sense she was holding back a little despite the video's length as some of the tweets and abuse were touching upon transphobic rhetoric against her and this vague idea she's a 'traitor' to a cause.

    Lindsay's talk here touches upon similar themes of how the 'mob' can work to pressure people's friends into casting them out and isolate people.
  9. This was a mixed bag for me. I feel for Natalie a lot, she really doesn't deserve what happened to her and cancelling can be a bit absurd at times. But I think her proximity to the issue means she lacks the nuance she is normally really good at pinning. Some people really have demonstrated that they are unwilling to learn or get better. And yes: I will continue to judge people who, for example, are cheerfully friends with actual fascists.
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  10. I thought the video was pretty great. I'm a big fan of her content and I'm glad she was able to address everything properly & take accountability where she needed to.
  11. That video made me question things I'm not sure I'm able to process. Fuck.
  12. Looks like I've missed a few videos, and need to catch up.
  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I cried watching this video ddddd It's a given that her experience as a trans lesbian is much different than mine but god some of the things she said touched so close to my heart.
  14. Such a fascinating topic for her to cover that I never thought I wanted. My favorite video she’s done in a while.
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  15. The part about "Vanessa" made me scream as someone who has been following this corner of the internet (Social Justice Youtube vs Anti-SJW Youtube) since 2016. I remember the livestream and hairpiece she mentioned in passing ddd.
  16. As above, I was put off a fair bit by the "cancelling" era but the Cringe video for me is hands down the best thing she's ever done. I hold it up to Hbomb's Ctr Alt Dlt video in how it manages to pull together quite a few seemingly different topics and themes into a coherent point and one I don't think has been well made in her sphere before.

    And "There is a bad transgender in our midst!" sent me. I'm easily entertained.

    EDIT: And tbh I'm rewatching the cancelling video right now and acknowledge that my perspective on it at the time was probably clouded by having a lot of mutual friends with someone who really deserves to be 'cancelled' and the impact it had on my mental health so... I'm sure no one cares but I fully retract that comment honestly.
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  17. I've watched Shame and Cringe in the last few days, but still have to entirely watch the controversial video and its follow up. I've read so good faith and bad faith takes on both sides, but overall the vitriol was so reminiscent of my own experience in the online trans communities... I probably will finally do it and come back with lots of thoughts.
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  18. I loved this recent video. She's so good at getting to the core of things.
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