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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Future Lover, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Oh this could be messy but her video (that she's since taken done and only offers up as a transcript cause she was pre-transition in it) about rioting was a great breakdown for why riots happen and historical racism, so let me jump on in.
  2. Her foot remaining firmly planted on my neck
  3. I love her so much.
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  4. Morning made!
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  5. Almost 2 hours? Sis....
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  6. I feel better prepared to avoid the Squidwardian impulse now.
  7. Me at 1:27:00 living for the pop culture references and analysis of philosophy: YAASSS SQUIDWARDIAN!!
    Me at 1:27:01 realizing this is going to turn to punching left in 5 seconds; Oh no.
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  8. Her bringing up purity testing within leftism did seem a bit JK Rowling concern trolling vibes lol but she made points about the absolutism of some leftist discourse being downright cynical and defeatist.
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  9. Thought it was an excellent video, it spiralled me into some unexpected introspection.
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  10. Brilliant as usual.
  11. My issue was more-so sitting on the edge of my seat with dread knowing her personal views and what she probably wanted to use as real-life examples yet thankfully stopped herself dddd.

    I think grievance politics and resentment can definitely impact spaces of left organizing in the way of focusing on personalities before anything else, and can manifest in different ways. I do also think left politics can be sabotaged by personal ambitions and desires to be the star by people.

    Ironically though, there's an argument that such has been fueled by the Democratic Party and we have been experiencing that issue with alumni from the Bernie campaigns.

    One could say it's an ideology of grievance when we're told by Bernie alumni who are angry that Dem power brokers have not allowed them to ascend into the party apparatus that third parties don't have any immediate future of success and so we must abandon the whole thing. And we're attacked by the faux moral concern of a "red-brown alliance" or other accusations flung by these alumni at any kind of project that exists outside of trying to help the Democrats that they're not privy to or part of (ex: Force The Vote, March for Medicare For All, etc.) that they often try to destroy.

    I think just as much her framework could apply to the center-left or the electoral left trying to sabotage the activist left despite her likely not seeing that, and sadly probably viewing people holding politicians accountable or threatening to withhold their votes as the "ideology of grievance" here.

    There's also the elephant in the room that its politicians' jobs in many ways to prevent people from being blackpilled and giving them hope. In response to coal miners being "blackpileld" by the reality of growing inequality, Hillary told them to learn to code. And I would hope in those incidents that Is when we recognize that resentment and grievance are natural responses not inherently wrong.

    Outside of how her own personal politics manifest in the real world though, I thought it was a fabulous video that left me awestruck at parts.
  12. A triumph.
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  13. Another incredible video. I don't "agree" with everything she says, but I love hearing her point of view. The last 20 minutes or so were especially interesting.
  14. Very this. Actually live tweeted that the last 20 minutes transformed it from a slightly meandering and unfocused video to one of her best.
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  15. I screamed.
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