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Cool Venues In London

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kirkland, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Dear Everyone,

    I am planning a trip to London to do a performance poetry gig. Things are really taking off now and I want to make sure I play a good place - please remember that I won't play in a dive. Do you know of any really good, classy but indie(ish) venues that would suit me?

    Website links would be really useful. The reason I am asking YOU this is because many of you stay in London and can give me first hand information rather than me looking at a website and deciding on the basis of a mere photo. My slave (agent) can do the rest...

    then after you finish your performance you could hop behind those desks and blast out some kylie!

    I think there is a place called 'Garlic' in Soho which I think you'd probably like.
  3. Thank you Etienne! Very cool like your namesake.
  4. I'd want to see you as the opening act for Geri Halliwell at G.A.Y. But more realistically, some arty place in Islington or Hoxton would fit you better. Will you dare to announce it here? I'll have rotten tomatoes with me for all the naughty things you've said about whoever. But if you can brave Glasgow crowds I guess you'll have no problems with London ones.
  5. Keep away from me! The Geri fans have still got a major grudge against me. I was blamed on the DenDen Forums for her album flopping which, of course, is madness! Some of her fans would probably blame me for the Spice Girls splitting.
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