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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by type:epyt, May 8, 2009.

  1. anyone seen this yet? is it any good? it's had a fair bit of hype but i'm not seeing much reaction/feedback ...
  2. I'm going to see this next Saturday, can't wait! Looks extremely creepy.
  3. I desperately want to see this but since I want to see it in 3D I have to make a longer treck (that is, an hour bus journey and not a five minute walk) so I have no idea if/when it'll be happening. Why do they have to start releasing interesting films at the same time I shouldn't be going to the cinema?

    But if it's anything close to as good as The Nightmare Before Christmas it should be terrific. And it has Teri Hatcher's voice! Not sure why that excites me still.
  4. I fucking adored this movie! I saw it once in 2D and then a second time in 3D. I highly suggest seeing it in 3D if possible. I'm sad that the DVD won't be able to do the 3D thing though, because really, it elevated an already awesome movie into an even higher slot of awesome.
  5. I just started a new thread about this which will teach me to pay attention. I loved it! The pace was quite slow but I thought that it was so beautifully done that I didn't care. I thought the music was amazing as well. Excellent stuff.
  6. It was absolutely deranged, I saw it in 3D tonight, I was sat there like : o.

    When the hand is clawing down the little door, I was shit scared : P.

    Brilliant film overall though!
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