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Corbin - Mourn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. [video=youtube;dT2YDdZdE-I][/video]

    Discovered one of my new favorites a couple of weeks back. At first I thought he was just some indie white boy from Minnesota doing the whole ironic/ghetto/urban thing, but his music is so consistently incredible, he can dress and do whatever he wants if you ask me! Sounds kind of like Lana Del Rey meets Drake but more sadcore, more "urban", and cooler.

    Above is his first video, for 'Without You'. The song and video really tell you what he's about, but my absolute favorite (and one of the best songs I've heard all year) is 'Ready'. I mean what a fucking song. Anyways, I'm not even sure anyone around here would appreciate him, but I've been obsessed with the dude for a couple of weeks now.

    He has a ton of amazing songs on his Soundcloud, a bunch of them available for free download! You can also check out his mixtape on Bandcamp.
  2. Rebecca's indie cousin.
  3. K94


    I don't know if I find his persona endearing or cringe-worthy but those 2 songs sound incredible.

  4. I cringed until I just let the amazing music wash over me. It works for me now.
  5. His appearance combined with the music video is kind of terrifying, but it totally works. I love the song.
  6. I love this guy. He's like a mini The Weeknd, but twice as hipsterish.
  7. Oh my god I am hooked on Without U! What a brilliant song.
  8. K94


  9. I'm obsessed!
  10. Listened to it twice. I'm in love.
  11. Leaving is brilliant. I'm surprised there isn't more buzz around Spooky Black. He's very interesting/hipster cool plus great music.
  12. He looks like one of the super white twinks in the Royals video.
  13. Pull is beautiful.
  14. K94


    The EP is damn perfect. This guy is doing great things and more people need to recognize that! I'd like to think that he is the kid we see in the videos.
  15. When Banks was interviewed on Radio 1 recently she said this guy was her favourite new artist.
  16. YESSSS!!!!
  17. I keep trying to choose which song on Leaving I like most but every time I pick one, another takes its spot. I haven't felt so interested in and excited about a new artist like this in a long time.
  18. I'm late to the party but this guys EP and album is incredible. I'm a bit obsessed.

    'Break My Heart' is so beautiful, it's almost a tearjerker.
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