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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Popjusticers must love Corrie right? I'm really glad the vile sean has been sidelined this past year or so. He's hardly in it anymore. I LOVE Tina....she's basically the Stacey of the street and Gail's lack of a chin never fails to entertain me. Nigel Havers is really attractive aswell isn't he?...another gilf to get in the Q with Larry Lamb me thinks.
  2. I love Corrie too. I find Tina a pain in the arse at the moment though, but usually she is fantastic. I hated how she made Jason leave the flat cos she's dumped it. It's HIS place, he bought it and did it up, yet he moves out when she chooses to end it. She should've booted her out, I think!

    I'm intrigued by the Sophie/Sian teenage lesbian story too. I'm interested to see how it's done especially with Sophie being a Christian and keeping her faith through it all.

    New Nick is lame. I want him to leave, zimmer frame and all.
  3. Finally, a thread on Corrie! I think it's great, but it hasn't been the same since Maggie Jones passed away...
  4. I'm loving Becky and Steve's relationship I think they are a cute couple and the fact that no one thinks they'll last is funny.

    I don't like the Audrey/Rita/Lewis storyline it's weird. The thought of old people going out with a male escort is strange. Rita has more class than that.

    I wish Mary would go away the most irritating character ever.
  5. Most of the characters in Corrie are irritating.
  6. I love Corrie. Eileen is my favourite character, she's great.
  7. It's absolute rubbish right now. The Gail storyline is so boring. She's a terrible actress too.

    I don't know why Tina is so popular, I think she's awful. Gobby cow! I can't stand Becky either.

    Mary and Norris are fun though.
  8. I haven't watched Coronation Street in years and always consider the brief few years when I did (2001-03) to be uncharacteristically good.

    I can just never get into it (which is just as well, soaps are on TV far too much).
  9. The Rita/Audrey/Nigel Havers storyline is just amaaaazing.
  10. It used to be amazing, but these days it's a bit shit! Hopefully that'll change soon though because they have a new EP coming on board soon. He's already managed to lure Tracey Barlow back so I might start watching again when his episodes air.
  11. slimane

    slimane Guest

    True, True. You could tell the writers really enjoyed writing dialogue for her. She always got the best lines.
  12. Tina is NOWHERE NEAR Stacey, come on. I miss Joe
  13. I can't believe noone had mentioned the current storyline of Sunita being desperate to move from her large suburban house to a tiny terrace on Corronation Street to be close to all her friends who she wasn't friends with before and made no effort to speak to for 4 years. Amazing.

    Gail is always amazing, with her hair and non-chin and general bird-likeness but new-Nick can fuck off.
  14. Yes! I was about to start a Corrie thread myself, I can't believe there wasn't one made sooner...

    Poor Becky. Katherine was amazing, it was heatbreaking when she said "I want to sit here wallowing...with my empty womb". Still though, you can always rely on Corrie for those perfect comedic one-liners even amidst more dramatic or poignant scenes, "he only has to wink at me and I'm up the duff". Steve and Becky are brilliant together, they'd better not break up.

    I know! I wouldn't mind but when she and Dev were planning on moving to a fabulous renovation away from Coronation Street before she found out he had a mistress in every corner shop.
  15. slimane

    slimane Guest

    They need some new hotties...apart from michelle's lovely son there's been a real lack of pretty boys since Jamie Baldwin then Liam left.
  16. I'm so pleased to be able to say that EE and ED are completely showing up Corrie currently!

  17. Becky just quoted the opening line to Pulp's Misshapes. Amazing.
  18. It's a good job Audrey's slap tonight was so obviously fake or she might have loosened Rita's new face lift.
  19. Their fight was mildly entertaining though.
  20. I love the ladies of a certain age fighting over ownership of their male escort and implying that the other one is a bit of a slapper, it's like a working class Dynasty!
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