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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Eww at Daniel washing Chesney's blood off his hands in the food prep sink.
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  2. I noticed that too. The blood will probably mutate and grow an army of Chesney clones made from food waste.
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  3. I hate how much they've dumbed down Rosie she used to have a bit more depth, it's embarrassing watching her now.
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  4. Eva is amazing this week, "You're looking a bit hags!".
  5. Anna ripping open Kevin's overalls to find him dressed smart underneath had me cackling.
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  6. It's great at the moment, I'm just catching up on Friday's, and Sarah Lou and David have such history, but watching them talk about parenting and Nathan, superb.
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  7. pdf


    She was always a total idiot tho.
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  8. I love over the course of weekend, Bethany has been thrown back into comedy high-jinks.
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  9. So will Peter have drunk that bar dry by xmas? Of course he will have
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  10. Eva trotting around in sensational outfits, secretly plotting her revenge is my favourite thing about soap at the moment.
  11. The Toyah stuff last week was superb... Well done Grand Leader Oates on getting Georgia Taylor back and letting her absolutely flourish.
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  12. Kate Oates, rightful heir to the Corrie throne, Queen of the cobbles, Khaleesi of the Manchester canal, breaker of Blackburn's vision, mother of great storylines.
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  13. No but I did love Sean's Sugababes line.
  14. I miss Blanche Hunt.
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  15. Guess who's back at Christmas...
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  16. With another addiction, I trust!

    "Cometh the hour Deirdre, cometh the woman, cometh..... Blanche Hunt".

    The scenes of her at Peter's AA meeting are a masterpiece:

    On the Barlow family issues:
    Ken: "It didn't make Tracy hit the bottle!"
    Blanche: "No, but it made her hit her boyfriend with a blunt instrument!"

    Dealing with a pissed off member of AA:
    "And I'm not totally comfortable with your halitosis!"
  17. Kate Oates is the best soap character that isn't a soap character:
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  18. Screaming at Hope going from a 5 year old with blonde hair to a ten year old brunette over night. There must be a vortex in those Corrie staircases, The same happened to our Rosie and Sophie, Not to mention when Nick went upstairs to do his homework as a gangly adolescent and came down as buff Adam Rickett.
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  19. The new Hope is played by the real-life sister of April in Emmerdale.

    Go figure.
  20. Look at how gorgeous this is:

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