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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Are wills floors made of jelly?
  2. Twas a comedy of errors.
  3. Michelle is the new Carla

    Expect several more explosions, car crashes, addictions, bankruptcy, murders and kidnaps by xmas
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  4. Haha, so true. She's really great though, between the baby drama earlier this year and now this, she's acting her socks off. The show has been on fire this year, so much great stuff happening.
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  5. R.I.P Liz Dawn, The scenes were Vera came back to bring Jack to the other side were so nice.
  6. I loved Vera I still have the Las Vegas video where Vera, Jack, Maxine and Fiona go off to Vegas. A classic.

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  7. Death becomes another resident of Weatherfield.

    Gary is apparently being killed off soon; killed in an explosion when out in Ukraine. I'd read there'd be another death this week so...
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  9. Hmm bet it will be someone else and he will turn back up a few months down the line.
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  10. So Carla is coming back? I feel slightly hysterical.
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  11. Another character being killed off.
    Katy, She dies offscreen in an accident. I guess they are wanting to bring Chesney's son Joseph back.
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  12. Billy attacking Peter.... I hope he becomes a Psycho-Vicar!
    And Mary's son is quite hot.
  13. As a 15 year old
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  14. Played by a 28 year old Hunk?
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  15. Worst fake crying I've ever seen.
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  16. the way she answers the phone and says ‘how you diddlin?’ Makes me want to grind my teeth and want to revisit:

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  17. pdf


    Oh that's just cruel - That might be the worst acting and direction in any soap scene ever.
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  18. Seb's turned into quite a strong actor, I am surprised, he's still oddly possessive though, and has terrible hair.
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  19. Well... That was underwhelming.
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