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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Erm.

    So let's talk about Corrie.
  2. What a diabolical ending to this Andy/Phelan storyline.
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  3. Pat was giving me Jason Voorhees teas, appearance wise, when he was flinging the bodies in the water.
  4. At least Rosie Webster is fun I suppose?

    The rest is disgraceful and Kate Oates has totally lost the plot.
  5. It feels like they're leading up to a 'Who Killed Pat?' storyline, but then again - I think I've been saying that for a year now.
  6. I mean, I love it when soaps do dark but tonight was so distrubing and uncomfortable to watch.

    Also, I loved Andy.
  7. That was really grim.

    I loved every twisted second of it.
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  8. Could we not have Dev upsetting Phelan too?
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  9. And Chesney

    and Izzy

    and Sinead.
  10. And that random new woman from the doctors surgery. Please.
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  11. What was the point keeping Andy locked up for months, only to end it like that?

    Has to be one of the worst storylines of all time.
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  12. It really has been a disaster. Aside from the fact that every scene the two of them had for the last 3 months has been practically the exact same one on loop, what the hell was the point? Why not have just kept him dead originally.

    It was all so needlessly cruel too, Andy was a nice guy and yet he's tortured in a cellar for 10 months and then shot in cold blood? It's too much. I probably wouldn't be as annoyed if I didn't fancy him, but still. Vile storyline.
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  13. Like you say it's just cruel. I think it would have been quite poignant if Andy had saved someone and then died, like Anna, Seb or even Eileen, as that would have given him a purpose, but this is just tasteless.
  14. I get why they did it. Nicola was bringing out Phelan 's only human side and when she destroyed that bond it destroyed any humanity left im him thus causing the brutality in him to come back out bigger. Still, it was very, very dark. Perhaps a bit too much
  15. SO no more todd.... shame as he was one if the better male characters.

    I think corrie had inproved since kates arrival but she hasnt had quite the midas touch she had with emmerdale farm. I think the problem with both soaps is there are now way too many episodes. I rarely tune into the second part of monday / friday episodes of corrie. They definitely need to cull episodes for the sake of healthy storylines
  16. I've just caught up, and loved Friday's. Phelan planting that earring of Anna's at the end of it all had me cackling... It's all great, and I feel Nicola will be he one to bring him down eventually.

    Horrible about Todd, good riddance to the actor if it's true, but the character has been very good lately.
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  17. I am living for anything to do with Pat Phelan in Corrie. The show has been amazing this past year with all his dark & disturbing carry on. The scenes with Nicola in the park were fantastic and I love when he faces off with Anna. Such an excellent villain played brilliantly by Conor McIntyre. I’ll be sorry to see him go whenever that inevitably happens.
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  18. He must have done something seriously wrong considering he was instantly sacked, while Michael LeVell and Bill Roache weren't during their trials.
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