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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I'm going to wait and see what happens. Other outlets are reporting he "stepped away" from the role, so we shall see.
  2. It just seems so odd to sack a cast member based on an allegation rather than fact, when nothing has been proved. I'm sure he was quoted as saying he didn't he know what the allegation was.

    I'm just wondering whether the current news and tabloid reports on sexual harassment in Hollywood and so on has led to Corrie jumping the gun on it a bit in fear.
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  3. The complaint was made to ITV, rather than the police. ITV did their own independent inquiry and this was the result of it...
  4. Eileen will have nobody left, Jason, Todd and I'm sure Phelan is going out of it one way or another soon. Please no more woeful partners for Eileen. Have her open a gay bar or something.
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  5. Robert turning into a silver fox behind bars is the real tea...

    Lock Me Up Zad.
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  6. When they warn of violence, I expect a double murder, not a poor punch-up, and them doing a hatchet job on Mary's character around that dinner table.
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  7. The decent characters are too thinly spread amongst a bloated cast and diluted storylines, Poor sally and gail cannot carry the show for three hours a week. Mary is decent enough as a walk on character with funny lines but shoehorning her into a matriarchal role is not working.
  8. Mary is great as part of the "comedy gang" but this storyline is doing her no favours at all.

    I'll never understand how they managed to bring her back down to earth after that Misery style storyline in 2010. Apparently at that point she was only going to be a temporary character and that was to be the start of her exit, but they changed their minds!
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  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Mary is the best!
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  10. Dev opening takeaways yards from each other...

    We need Mad Maya to return, and burn down all his takeaways.
  11. Did mad maya survive? I loved her “sunita is tied to the kitchen sink - literally”
  12. Yes, she did. I remember Shelly making a comment to Sunita saying that she’d survived.

    The whole Mad Maya saga is still my favourite Corrie storyline so I would definitely be happy if she returned.
  13. It did appear to end suddenly didn't it.
  14. She can't have survived that?!
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  15. Haha you’d think wouldn’t you! That was a madness. But I still remember Shelly’s line: “They said it was touch and go ... torch and go more like”
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  16. I saw some rumour once that the Maya storyline was originally intended to have a trial after the dramatics but due to Jimi (Dev) being suspended, they cut it out. Don't know how true any of that is.
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  17. I love the Rana and Kate storyline.
  18. It would be better if Zeedan had fallen for Todd.

  19. You're a filthy cow...

    But, true.
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