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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I just think she hams and camps it up too much and often at the wrong times.
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    This episode really turned me off Michelle - way too much shrieking.
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  3. Kate Ford was a terrible actress up until her Meryl Streep level impression of Sinead.
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    She's a perfect soap actress, like Claire King.
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  5. What a bloody great week.
    So many storylines converging and exploding, I loved it.
    I can’t be the only one who hopes they kill of Sinuuuurd with the cancer st Christmas thing, right?
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  6. Ouch!

    I've got a longer "please get rid" list. It's most of the cast, in fact. First and foremost, Sean and the vicar. They were painful and tedious two years ago. Just go. And I'm gay before anyone asks.

    I would keep: Tracy Barlow, Steve McDonald, Liz McDonald, Sally Metcalfe, Tim Metcalfe, Rita Whateverhersurnameisthesedays, Roy Cropper, Mary Taylor, Adam Barlow, David Platt, Audrey Roberts... and Norris Cole, should he ever return.

    Anyone else not on that list... I'd be having another Tram Crash episode if I got the Producer gig.

    Cards on deck... I think Classic Corrie on ITV3 blows current Corrie out of the water and sinks it without even trying. The show desperately needs more strong, mature characters. A Jack and Vera... and no, Tyrone and Fizz in thirty years time is not it.

    And it needs a strong team at the Rovers, the heart of the show. The most iconic Rovers team of Bet Gilroy, Betty Turpin and Raquel Wolstenhulme became... Jonny Connor and Jenny Bradley? Ouch!

    But even they are a massive step up from Peter and Toyah! What were the Producers thinking?
  7. Jenny Bradley can stay in the Rovers forever please; it’s the cast working for her that need a change.
  8. The tweet probably won't load but please take time to click on it and re-live this iconic moment. If it doesn't win spectacular scene of the year award at the next British Soap Awards then there's something seriously wrong.

    (I know it's not the best quality, but the one that the official Corrie Twitter uploaded cut off the ''YER BITCH'' which makes the whole thing.)
  9. I love Tracy. I'm so pleased the spirit of Deirdre and Blanche lives on in her and Amy.
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  10. Funnily enough, in tonight's episode (Monday) - at the end of the second episode of the night - I did see your point. The public stoicism and private heartbreak was brilliantly played... and even had shades of a future Bet Gilroy in the making.

    Provided the current guardians of Corrie don't blow it like they usually do, that is.

    ...but the potential for a great Rovers landlady? There were signs tonight. Small signs, but signs nonetheless.
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  11. Oh Liz returning to work head held high, and Jenny crumbling in the back room, was Corrie gold.
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  12. I do wonder about the future of Corrie. We need characters that stick around longterm and become soap legends, and a lot of the cast is very disposable right now, but the likes of Jenny, Tracy, etc manage to channel the spirit of classic Coronation Street whilst also being very modern characters. Hope they stick around for some time.
  13. I cringed so hard at Mary's "dramatic" acting.

    Jude is such a useless lump of a wet blanket of a character. They need to cut their losses with him now and let Angie flourish without him.
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    The whole Jude storyline is like a parody sheesh.
  15. Looks like you got your wish! I loved her running through the streets in her emerald green dress with no shoes on.
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  16. Moral for Corrie... same-sex wedding proposals are all well and good but... a member of the LGBT+ community, am I allowed to say I do not care less about either Rana or that Connor girl who, despite being in the show for years, whose name I still do not know?

    Which made the double "yes!' and fireworks shot of the Rovers incredibly corny... with a huge dollop of cheese on top. I'm not emotionally invested in either character. So I couldn't care less.

    As for the LGBT+ aspect, we've had Nick and Todd's kiss, Todd and the Vicar and the 1970's stereotype barman and Sophie and her girlfriends and now the Connor girl and this Rana girl and.... we get the idea. You've got great LGBT+ credentials. But as a gay man, even I'm getting bored of it.

    I stopped watching for several months earlier this year. I gave the show a chance again to see how Maureen Lipman got on. And what have they done with that chance?

    Brought back Ben Price to play the world's dullest character ever.

    Sorry Corrie Press Office - back to thinking up more big name actors to bring in to generate news print but there's STILL only Tracy Barlow worth watching.
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  17. Why on earth did they bring dreary moany old Skeletor Nick back? He sucks the life out of any scene he's in and any character he's paired with, I was so glad to see the back of him.

    I am beyond bored of the neverending Carla/Peter/Leanne/Nick merry go round. They just go round and round in circles.
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  18. Erm. Why are we not reeling from THAT iconic Audrey moment!?
  19. Audrey bringing out her inner Patsy Stone. Oh my god!

    I was screaming. I did not expect her to lob the flowers like that.
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  20. Iconic. Moment of the year.

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