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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. The mic drop just seals it as brilliant.
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  2. Audrey at the hairdresser awards is the funniest scene since Blanche at the AA meeting.

    She needs to be drunk more often.
  3. Corrie put in trials better than any other soap.
  4. Joyous news! Malcolm Hebden has confirmed he is returning as Norris! Yay!

    Amazing his return co-incidences with the equally joyous getting-rid-of Kate Oates. I know he has been very, very ill but still... amazing timing for his very, very welcome return.
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  5. I haven't particularly liked Maureen Lipman so far, but ''Fizz? Who on earth calls themselves Fizz?? If she wanted to convey her personality she'd have been better calling herself Flat'' made me scream.
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  6. I laughed when she tried to run the Rovers the other day, surely that was a joke about her last run on the show?
    The whole baby ness, with Rana and Kate, it’s just such a bore, the characters (well Rana) deserves a lot more, than what will eventually give Michelle something to cry over.
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  7. I cannot *believe* that their current lead storyline involves Kate (the most unlikable character on the whole show) and Rana’s struggle to have baby. Did Michelle really need another storyline to involve herself in?
  8. The baby nonsense is already doing my head in.

    I described Christmas markets as buying a crepe from a man in a shed and then Tracy quipped about buying warm booze from a man in a shed a few hours later. Kindred spirits.
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  9. DullNick and Leanne... DullNick and Carla. When do they make it like "I'm A Celebrity" so we get to vote DullNick back out? A double eviction with Kate would be awesome please, Mister New Producer.
  10. I second this. This incarnation of Nick was dull the first time round and he’s even worse now. Leanne deserves better.
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  11. The Sinead storyline is a bit too close to home for me. At the moment I'm watching most episodes on catchup so I can skim through the scenes. I've never been a fan of the character, but this is being well acted, I'll give her that.
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  12. Queen Jenneh Bradleh plotting Liz’s downfall through a mobile app. Iconic.
  13. Oh no! Mary's dull 'son' Jude returns in January. Zzzzz. Please let him become a mini-serial killer taking out DullNick and Kate before chucking himself under a tram on t'viaduct. And don't drag it out. One episode, over and done with, please.
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  14. Brian Packham and the nativity with the Street's confrontation of Bully Sir in the Rovers afterwards... the most enjoyable, proper Corrie storylines since pre-the-awful-Kate-Oates-era.
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  15. Lewis being dead...

    Great twist.
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  16. Audrey throwing that phone

    Sarah: you dropped your phone
  17. Nick so stole the money. I think they’re building him up to be the next big villain.
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  18. That was so bizarre, it's like they'd told them to just adlib that scene or something and Tina O'Brien couldn't think of anything to say.

    Oh I'd not thought about that but I can see it. The new exec did an interview where he said about a character currently in it making choices that sees them becoming the new villain or something. I'm not sure I'd buy Nick as that, but anything is less boring than him normally.
  19. Yeah I think so too. His financial advisor that he hooked Audrey up with, after just previously conning his new wife out of £40k and supposedly opening up a business with David in coming has to be him. Shame he has the personality of half a soggy bagel, but if it leads to him offing a few unnecessary residents and growing a personality, then I may be here for it.

    Not sure if anyone had posted it yet but my favourite line all year came from Toyah a few weeks ago: "Nick got trapped in quicksand last year and I felt sorry for the sand!"
  20. More screentime for Skeletor Nick can never be a good thing.
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