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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I preferred...

    BoreOffVicar: I've got a business proposition for you.

    Carla: Oooh! I don't think there's much margin in mekkin' dog collars!

    BoreOffVicar: I've just met a nice young man..

    Carla: Ooh! Congratulations!

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  2. So many funny, laugh out loud moments in Friday's episode. I'm starting to dare to believe that the new Producer listened to the huge backlash against the atrocities against Corrie committed by Kate Oates and has resolved to give us the show we know and love back, finally. Fingers crossed! I will wish him well, if he does continue on this restorative path towards making it Corrie again.
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  3. Only seen 5 minutes of Paul in the pub last night and could tell he's a "wrong'un" having them all besotted is a choice.
  4. I can’t take my eyes off his nose.
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  5. Just realized He's Darius from Footballers Wives!.
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  6. I’m absolutely furious that Angie is gone. What an absolute waste of a character.
  7. Same. She had a LOT of potential but they just let her character flail around for the odd episode rather than delve into the fact she had chemistry with Adam. Made me chuckle that someone that somehow does the accounts for almost everyone on the street suddenly just ups and leaves for the other side of the world with 24 hours notice.
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  8. Catching up on episodes over Christmas - what the fuck was that storyline with Kirk and Dev and the ghosts? Get rid of them.
  9. Exactly. And it just made her seem like she was just a plot device for Jude’s storyline instead of her own character. I really like Victoria Ekanoye and Angie had so much potential that’s just been wasted. Would have been good to meet some of her family and really see her develop.
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  10. Couldn’t believe what I was watching. Absolute trash. Not funny or charming, just pure shite.
  11. Jonathan Harvey recycling a funeral poem from Gimme Gimme Gimme on tonight's first Corrie episode was not lost on me. Living for it though!
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  12. Audrey's money is soooo in Nick's bag.
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  13. This new Paul character. Speaking as a gay man...

    1. Did Corrie really need yet another LGBT character already? They've now had more LGBT characters in three years than exist in the entire TLA Releasing back catalogue.

    2. Why do all the gay male characters have to end up in the sack with the vicar? Am I the only gay man who doesn't find his dog collar a turn on or something?

    In real life, wouldn't we all be flirting like mad with Adam Barlow rather than trying to score the vicar? I would...
  14. Manchester has a massive gay community it's hardly unlikely to have more gays in the street than Billy Sophie and Sean. A new gay is a plot device for Billy to get a bit of cock n bum fun and why not?
  15. Cut to the East of London where there are apparently no gay men whatsoever.
  16. Discreet Masc (phil / jack / max)
  17. Billy, Sophie, Sean... and Kate, Rana, Paula. And now Paul, too. That's just current cast.

    Any more, they may as well just rename it Queer As Folk II and rename the street Canal Street.

    I'd pay good money to watch them recreate the QAF rimming scene with Adam Barlow.

    My point is that's an awfully large number of LGBT characters for a suburban street with only eight houses. Even streets in Brighton Kemptown would be hard pressed to manage such concentrations... and if they did, not all the gay sex would go through the less-than-male-model Church of England vicar.
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  18. I forgot about Kate and Rana as they interest me so little. Yeah I get your point about the small number of homes but the story has spread to people who live around the area now as well as in the street and iin flats and stuff yiou probably get more single people, who are often gay.

    I'd rather see Billy getting some than Sean (ugh). Obviously I'd rather Adam was the gay hottie bumming everyone in sight, or even better, Imran. Or Gary. Gary in a Triga style Builders storyline.
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  19. Calm down dear.
  20. I don't understand the necessity for everyone to look like a generic idea of a model otherwise they wouldn't have any chance of a relationship/casual shag? It's a soap and that kind of viewpoint is toxic enough in real life, let alone in fiction too.
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