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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. And a new family move in and they're talking to half the street within 5 minutes...
  2. God yes, it’s unbearable! Tim is acting like a five year old who’s toy was taken away. Never once in the history of his character did he ever mention wanting a horse. Complete rubbish.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Wait what is this talk about Peter being bi? WHAT exactly have I been missing??
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  4. It's wishful thinking for some!

    Much like the supposed Ali and Ryan story...
  5. The new family are shit. But then new families always are. They need to introduce them individually and gradually and have us care a bit about them. Scenes of them all together arguing aren’t gonna make me warm to them or care about them.
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    Tim has always been one of the most embarrassing characters in any soap ever. His acting is so lazy!
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  7. Tim is nowhere near the want to punch yourself-ness awful as his Dad Geoff.

    Or Dev.
  8. I'm old enough to remember the introduction of the Battersbys. They were universally hated for months. And oddly enough, only the two most hated - Leanne and Toyah - survived.
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  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    My mum saw former Brian Tilsley actor Chris Quinten on TV discussing his engagement and her response was to start singing Perfect Gentleman by Wyclef. Sometimes she is brilliant.
  10. Improving tonight's Corrie script....


    SALLY: What was it Princess Diana said? There were three of us in this marriage. Well, there's three of us in mine and one of them's a horse.

    YASMEEN: Yeah, Diana had the exact same problem.

    That would have been so much better. You can tell the writer's intended it but chickened out at the last minute. Not sorry, Camilla.
  11. New family. Not feeling any of the guys. They can't act.

    The mother, Aggy, seems more promising.

    Initial thoughts.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    It's always jarring when a family joins all at once. As storylines develop and intertwine with the regulars we'll get a better idea of who they are as characters. Hopefully Ryan won't be using his Cbeebies voice forever!
  13. I remember their arrival too. I don't think I hated them particularly - but Leanne and Toyah have changed so much from what they were back then to how are they are now. They were gobby, gum-chewing, answering-back know-it-all teens. Now they're demure 30 something wives/mothers who occasionally answer back and think they know it all!

    I have a feeling within 12 months one or more will have been given the chop. Introducing a whole new family in one go is always risky. I quite like the son who's trying it on with Michelle. He seemed decent at delivering comedic lines and his facial expressions made me smile. The other one is going to be more serious and have issue-led story lines.
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  14. How are the Nazirs doing?
  15. I had to look them up on Corriepedia. I didn't watch as regularly for a few years circa Hayley dying around 2013 to 2016 some time, so that period is patchy for me. 2 of them are still left!

    There was also that family around 2007ish with Sinbad from Brookside as the dad and about 100 kids ranging from toddlers to a daughter who I thought was the mum. They didn't last too long either, and from memory the best one was the mess of a mum who was brought in much later.
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  16. But why can't the gay son be a cheeky chappy? Why do gay characters have to be 'issues'?
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  17. I thought you'd come up with the perfect put-down description of the day - his Cbeebies voice. Yes! Exactly, I thought.

    So then I went to Google and it turns out he really was using his Cbeebies voice:

    Where have you seen the actor before?
    Prior to joining Coronation Street, Russell was a presenter on CBeebies House, so might well be a familiar face to parents of pre-school children. Asked whether he was hoping that mums and dads who’d caught him on CBeebies would now watch him on Corrie, Russell replied:

    “That would be great. Michael is a fun, light-hearted character so I hope they will like what they see. It is not too far from the character on CBeebies – I’m not coming in as a villain. Hopefully they can adjust to the fact that I am not talking to the camera!”
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  18. To be fair, they've tried "gay cheeky chappy" and ended up with Mr. Humphries the barman.
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  19. Sean's random jibberings about The Broons and Oor Wullie last week made me question whether I'd actually written the script. Having a Scottish mother means I was raised on that so knew exactly what he was going on about, but I bet the majority of the non-Scottish audience watching were like "what the fuck? shut up Sean".
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  20. I mean why can't a gay character shag about like the young straight lads do? Why do they have to have criseses? Can they not just have fun like young gay lads do?
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