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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Vicars are clearly very controlling sexual partners. And every gay man shags the Corrie vicar.

    Good job he's a vicar and not someone from any other religion. Imagine the Twitter uproar.
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  2. Wow that look at 0.57 still gives me chills. How was this fifteen years ago.
  3. If only Mad Maya could come back for Dev and take Geoff and Sean with him...
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  4. If we were playing 'Survivor', I'd be voting to save Dev out of the three. Many people I'd like to see quit before him. Thankfully, some of them have already announced they're going. Robert. Michelle. Bethany. Shnerd. Can't wait!

    Dev's not even in my bottom six, I don't think. Your other two? Let Mad Maya have 'em.
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  5. Just watched the episode from New Year's Eve 1997 on DVD.

    Sally Webster has not aged in over twenty-years. She looks exactly the same now as she did then. Someone email her and ask her what vitamin and skin care range she uses.

    And Adam Rickitt - eye candy - made Nick Tilsley such a nice character. Certainly, a billion times nicer to look at than the current dullard incarnation.
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  6. Fair play to Corrie tonight. Michelle's "Why does that cake say 'willy'..?" line may possibly become a classic Corrie comedy moment. Maybe.
  7. When did Robert sleep with Vicky? Did we even see them get it on or has this story been shoehorned in for his impending exit?
  8. Angela Griffin is returning as Fiona Middleton and apparently Steves lovechild.

    Never saw that coming should be interesting. Pity Maxine couldn't return with her.
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  9. I always thought we were going to find out Emma was Fiona and Steve’s child, especially when she mentioned her mum being a hairdresser in one of her earlier episodes. Hmm.
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  10. But she could just as easily be Fiona and Jim McDonald's love child, so she could.
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  11. She should've stayed at the party. She'd still be ridin' high.
  12. Just realised Vicky is the mad teacher in 'Derry Girls'...
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  14. And marry Gary so they can work effectively as a team.
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  15. Thing with Gary is, now that he's bumping off people (factories, forests), he cannot have too long left on the Street. Eighteen months, tops. All Corrie villains have to leave when they get their eventual comeuppance.

    Which means Sean and the Vicar will have outstayed him. Gahhhhhhhh............
  16. Is he a 'villain' as such? Rick was threatening Gary and his family. He likely killed him in self defence.
  17. He did the factory roof for money motives thus killing Rana, he murdered Rick. He slammed Sarah against the wall when she told him it was over. There'll be more soon, I'm sure.

    Alan Bradley and Richard Hillman started out more subtly. You can see where it's going.
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  18. I thought of @everybodyknowssonia’s theory during that scene with the vicar sniffing about when the closeted footballer was acting all coy around his “stalkers”!
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  19. I was going to be a bitch until I read the last line of the article you linked (thanks for posting!). That she named her kids after Albert Tatlock and Hilda Ogden makes her one of us - a Corrie fan. In fact, going as far as naming her kids after two heritage characters makes her a Super-Super Fan.

    On that basis, I'll withhold bitching for the day. :)
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