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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Brian is one of the most painful, lingering farts of a character that they’ve had in a long while. Genuinely floored that his contract keeps getting renewed.
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  2. I retract this. I was very moved by the scenes today.
  3. When did Ali become some sweaty drug-dependent reprobate? All this came on in the space of about 2 episodes unless I missed summat. It’s as if a storyline needed to be scrapped at the last minute so this was hastily written in.
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  4. This Sinead storyline is so sad, I didn't particularly like her character but it's heartbreaking and must be difficult to portray a young woman facing end of life.
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  5. Beth is really standing out to me in this storyline with Sinead. She’s more than just a gobby cow. When she has to do serious and emotional scenes she’s very good at them.
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  6. When did Debbie turn into Annie Lennox?
  7. I remember her from jonny briggs
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  8. Jonny Briggs was THE best!
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  9. It’s Jane the toast lady (“can I have 12 rounds of white, low fat spread”) from dinnerladies!
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  10. Will someone get Cindy Beale’s shopping bag to cover up Sophie’s clearly pregnant belly!

    Oh, no need. She’s gone!
  11. But Shona needs it now.
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  12. It's not often I say this but Corrie has been brilliant this week.

    That confrontation between David and Josh was electric. It's a shame Ryan Clayton was cast as a character with a limited shelf life as he is a brilliant actor and very easy on the eye to boot!
  13. Bev Callard has quit again, she’ll leave at the end of her current contract in summer 2020.
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  14. Sae her in Little Voice when she last quit, and she was very good.
  15. Let's face it, she'll be back in 2 years anyway.
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  16. Now Roy's brother Malcolm from watching has passed away hopefully we'll see no more of Strawberry Switchblade as well!
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  17. God yes, she is painful! Sour faced annoying character. Sadly I think they’re setting her up as a storyline for Roy.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I can’t lie but I love the Gemma and Chesney quads storyline.
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  19. Oh wow i did not realise that was malcolm
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  20. I knew I recognised him and had to look him up when he first came in. I was convinced he was one of the dopey baddies from Maid Marian and Her Merry Men!

    Nina, Roy's niece, is dreadful. She wasn't the least bit convincing as a grieving teenager when her father died. No doubt within a few weeks she'll ditch the black lipstick and emo look and be getting up the duff from Simon Barlow.
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