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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Christ talk about Rosemary's baby 2!
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  2. What is this Rita storyline? She fell over and hurt her arm but in the process she’s forgotten how to act as a rational human being?! Awful.
  3. I was almost waiting for Patsy Stone to just start screaming 'Just die!!!'
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  4. Yesterday’s episode was dreadful. I hope Hope stole the gun and masterminds a massacre.
  5. Where would she stop though? So many candidates for a bullet!
  6. Hope snapping the head off of a wooden spoon done up as Fiz. Please let it be an omen.
  7. I had the pleasure of watching this last night and it was the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. The fact that people got shot by a shotgun and didn’t die made me scream
  8. I'm guessing this will lead to Shona going to stay with her auntie Joan or something for 'rest and recovery' whilst the actress is on maternity leave.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I actually didn't mind the episode? Can't wait for Michelle to leave now though.
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  10. I thought the Christmas Day episode was fucking awful!! There was no suspense whatsoever. It was badly written and directed. And then they ended it with a fucking sing-song in the bistro! I don’t mind modern Corrie although the presence of one of the emergency services in every episode is a bit much these days, but Derek going on a mad drunken rampage in winter wonderland must rank as one of the worst ideas in its almost 60 year history. Truly awful.
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  11. Yeah it was terrible. Absolutely no tension where there should have been loads. And Robert in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time was ridiculous, not to mention his death feeling like an afterthought. I get that they were trying to go for maximum drama with it all but it was just so flat.
  12. The Christmas Day special was truly terrible. I feel part of the problem was that I had hyped it up a bit too much in my head, but there was still so much they could have done with it. They should have had the shooting happen while the fair was full. I know that would have been quite horrific, but there was already a man waving a gun about, so having a few more potential victims wouldn't have changed anything. But I'll echo the thoughts that the whole thing just lacked any kind of tension, so the whole thing just fell flat.

    That said, the scene on the tower did make me think of the Buffy season 5 finale. So kudos to the show for making me think of old times, I guess.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Rita may as well have been involved in the fair scenes instead of lying on her living room floor a couple of episodes previous.
  14. Guess that’s Rita leaving then?

    Coronation Street
    will mark its 10,000th episode by killing off classic character Dennis Tanner.

    In scenes set to air on Friday, February 7, Rita will be shocked to receive a parcel containing the ashes of her estranged husband Dennis, along with a note requesting she scatter them in Blackpool.

    Taking in the sad news of Dennis's death she confides in Ken who agrees to go with her.

    Deciding a day trip is something everyone would enjoy, Jenny books a coach and invites a group of residents to join them. Amy, Audrey, Carla, Eileen, Emma, Evelyn, Gail, Jenny, Ken, Mary, Nina, Sean, Tracy, Sally, Yasmeen and Rita, clutching Dennis's urn, set off for Blackpool.

    Memories are shared, secrets aired and tensions rise as it starts to look as though they won’t make it to Blackpool before nightfall, if at all.

    By the end of the trip lives will have changed and one resident realises the time has come to leave the cobbles for a fresh start
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I hope it's like a throwback to those old VHS specials. We need some humour in Corrie right now.
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  16. The QE2 one was iconic
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  17. Who on Earth is Nina...
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  18. That’s what I instinctively thought of too. It is mostly iconic characters (and Nina and Sean dd) so it can’t be anything too bad. Surely?

    I also don’t know what it is about this new producer but I wish he’d stop spoiling every storyline weeks in advance. Kate Oates had her detractors but at least she genuinely left stuff out of press releases so we were surprised by twists in the story.
  19. Fucking Sean.
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  20. God yes, this bothers me so much. I know I have a choice not to read the spoilers but sometimes headlines about big upcoming plots are plastered across news sites and social media so it can be difficult to avoid. It would be nice to be genuinely shocked by something that happens on the show these days.
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