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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Exactly. It’s hard to avoid the spoilers when they’re literally headlines everywhere a month in advance, six months in the case of the factory collapse and that was directly from him. Maria’s story this week is the perfect example of this too, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind had it not been announced two weeks ago.
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  2. The more worried about the state of the show the execs are, the more they release and spoil beforehand.

    Emmerdale has just come through a blinder of a week, of which little was spoiled,
    Eastenders is filling us with surprises and is pretty much almost on top form for its upcoming 35th anniversary...
    Corrie, will tell us who's leaving in 15 months time.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I loved that one, and the Las Vegas one too!
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  5. Geoff. What a bastard.
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  6. I'd like to see Nana return but Bet has ditched barmaid work to run a brothel instead. Imagine her as a Madame,The outfits!.
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  7. Wasn't there a week of special episodes set in Blackpool that featured the return of Bet Gilroy? I seem to remember they had a similar feel to those VHS specials.
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  8. As dodgy as some of the storylines have been recently, they’ve been brilliant with this coercive control story and how they’ve slowly been building it up for the last year. The character really is vile.
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    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    You're right. I remember those.
  10. Yes. I really despise Geoff, and I guess that’s the point, whereas with Jade I never felt anything really. She was a bit pantomime and not really very threatening. The actor playing Geoff and the writers have done a fantastic job with this story.
  11. I hated Geoff from day 1. I NEVER trust anyone who is 'super nice'. They're always hiding a dark side.
  12. Found a clip. If she comes back I hope she makes another entrance like this:

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  13. Who ever thought leaving a flushing cubicle would be a good return for anyone?
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  14. I know they’re trying hard to make Gary a villain, but Geoff is honestly more vile and gross than Windass could ever dream of being.
  15. The Yasmeen storyline is really hard to watch I actually want to turn it away whenever it’s on.
  16. The 10,000th episode was rather great.

    Bit of a cop out to make out someone was leaving the show when they're only moving off of the street though.
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  17. It was a bit cheeky to say someone dies (they didn't) and someone leaves (they didn't) but I enjoyed the 10,000th episode. It really felt like a celebration of Coronation Street with all the mentions of past characters and storylines plus all the old guard on the bus together. I'm a sucker for those soap scenes where we hear snippets of past characters and I had "something in my eye" by the end when it faded into black and white with the old 60s, 70s and 80s titles. Very well done and wonderfully nostalgic.
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  18. Ali's leaving next month.
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  19. Now, this Yasmeen storyline is important, because abuse like this happens and it’s already hard to watch...but what were the writers smoking when they had Geoff kill and cook that chicken?
  20. There would have been so much mess in the kitchen if that had happened. Part of me thinks he hasn't killed the chicken but is playing a mind fuck on her.
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