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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Remember he joked about cooking her months ago, It was uncomfortable viewing regardless even the way he said "I thought she would be dry being an older bird" had connotations.
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  2. Oh god, when he made the older bird comment I physically cringed at the connotations he was trying to make. I’m hoping they start digging into the truth of how he treated Tim’s mum soon as that’s the kind of story that will bring it to light.
  3. The Geoff storyline is the best the show has had in ages. Anything that doesn’t involve Roy, Daniel, and whatever story Carla can shoehorn herself into is always a bonus.
  4. Someone has uploaded the Richard Hillman storyline in full. It's hours and hours long but totally worth it.

    I haven't watched Corrie or EastEnders in years but this was soap at its absolute best.

  5. This is also lowkey amazing. The shot of Helen Worth at the end sends me.

  6. The reruns on ITV3 weekdays are lockdown survival
  7. Absolutely. With old skool tunes aplenty provider via the soundtrack of Jim's Café.
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  8. They are - and it's at a rather boring stage as well, but still pretty amazing.
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  9. Shes left on the reruns now - but I never quite appreciated how good Lynne Perry was as Ivy. She really was a fantastic actress
  10. I've only ever seen bits of Corrie over the years, but I saw one of the ITV3 reruns the other week. Even from that, you can see why Sarah Lancashire has had the career she's had. Her versatility as an actress is off the scale.
  11. I have to agree-and not much of Bet left now either alas! Still, Tracy Shaw has just arrived-hurrah!
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  12. Some musings of late:

    Tim and Sally were destitute at one point not long ago, having to sell the house. Now, looking at expensive wedding dresses.

    Johnny was seriously ill. Never mentioned again.

    Ditto Izzy and her pain so bad she was addicted to weed and hit a policeman.

    Adi barely spoke and now he's a wild boy.

    Silver Springs needs to mysteriously burn to the ground.
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  13. I just don't get how at least half of the current Coronation Street cast, are still in the show. Making Gemma and Chesney at the forefront is a choice.
  14. God yes! The life is sucked out of the show every time it goes to that place. I wouldn’t mind if it had decent storylines there but this whole Ken Vs the leader thing is beyond dull.
  15. Yes! I thought sending Ken off to Shady Pines was just a way of reducing his screentime given his age. We really don't need daily updates of his tedious life there.
  16. Indeed. Ken Barlow is tedious as it is without that place.
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  17. I think its so much better when its on only three times a week without double episodes - i actually feel inclined to watch it
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  18. They should go back to old school Monday and Wednesday to make the episodes last. It was good enough for about 30 years or so!
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  19. Just a shame the charcater was so unbearable!

    re. Richard Hillman, the actor was on that 40 Years of Audreh documentary last year and he looked fit. I looked him up and he was 72!!!

    I'm enjoying the Emmerdale repeats more as I didn't watch it back then so it's all new to me, and the era Corrie is up to right now is quite dull, but the Battersbys will arrive soon-ish (well, still 2 more years in terms of original transmission time, but at a rate of 2 eps a day I reckon they'll be appearing around Dec/Jan time), and spice things up, especially Leanne with her Ginger Spice look!
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