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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I always associated the guy who played Hillman with Grange hill. He played a teacher in the glory GH days.
  2. 'Richard Hillman' also plays a news reporter at the start of 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close.

    Ol' boy got around before getting all up in Gail Platt's business.
  3. Lucky Gail (apart from the fraud, murder and attempted murder parts).
  4. He was also a very slimey boss of Tracey via a guest appearance in Birds Of A Feather from 1992 I saw last night.
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  5. Once all this is over, they need to do another high drama storyline for Gail involving an ill-fated marriage.

    'Joe's boat' wasn't quite up there with the Hillman saga but there's something really hilarious about Gail going through hardship and strife at the hands of a bloke.

    As Blanche once said - “She loves a drama that Gail, never ‘appy unless she’s got someone else’s hands round her throat!”
  6. I loved that line from Blanche! It’s up there with (and I’ll paraphrase here as I don’t know the exact quote) “what judge in his right mind would award custody of a baby to them couple of freaks - he’s a loony and she’s a man”, about Roy and Hayley. Totally un-PC and I think if said today there would be outrage but it’s exactly how someone of Blanche’s age back then would have thought.
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  7. Her insistence on calling it 'Covid D' is everything
  8. WHAT did I just listen to.
  9. The scene with Geoff and Yasmeen in last night’s ep had me howling (I know it’s not meant to be funny and most of their scenes make me shudder as he is so vile) but I squealed when she said, in the midst of a heated argument, “I rang Sonia” and he said “the 80s popstar?”. It was like a line out Benidorm or something!
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  10. The teasers are out now for his murder. I kind of hoped it wouldn't go that way. I wanted him to face up to what he had done in a court setting.

    has anyone been watching Unforgotten on Netflix? Mad Maya is in series 3
  11. One thing I noticed on these reruns is that Raquel first came into it she seemed a totally different character. Even her voice was different.
  12. That's awful and not funny in the slightest. We shouldn't praise blatant transphobia no matter how long ago it was. I love the character of Blanche but her treatment of Hayley back then was horrific. I think them making the character transphobic was more to teach people it's wrong rather than a comedic moment. My granny was around the same age at that time and didn't think like that then or now.
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  13. This happens quite a lot in Corrie - perhaps they tone them down a bit or find their niche. Roy was completely different when he started. Fizz too.
  14. I agree, but Blanche was an old bigot towards everyone and everything. There was another storyline where for some reason she thought Ken was gay and said something like “you know I’ve nothing against the gays, in fact I’d walk over hot coals for that Paul O’Grady, but I sincerely hope you’re not one of ‘em”. Or something to that effect. She didn’t single out just trans people in her disdain.
  15. Do we know for sure she kills him? I suspect she thinks she has, but hasn’t.
  16. Yeah I think he survives but looks like she’s arrested for attempted murder. This storyline has been horrendous to watch but totally gripping. I can’t wait for him to get found out.
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  17. I think the 'murder' is an unnecessary twist much the same as how well they handled Sinead's cancer storyline only to chuck an affair in at the end. It cheapens the whole thing.
  18. I just don't think a transphobic line in the script should be brought up as one of the most loved or iconic. I don't think the viewer was supposed to watch that and laugh. Her saying she loves the gays but didn't want her daughter married to one is not the same as saying a trans woman is a man in a dress or a freak and as a trans woman myself I can assure you of that.
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  19. I'm so looking forward to Yasmeen and ha revenge tomorrow.
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  20. Has tonight's episode been edited together from a Friday two-parter or is it always this choppy?
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