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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. I think it was to show how she was broken down bit by bit.
  2. I don’t like the way Corrie has started having things like visions or echoey voices - or in tonight’s episode that dreadful shot of Geoff coming at Yasmeen with the light under his chin. It just doesn’t feel right. Corrie should be like you’re a fly on a wall and not have scenes of what other people are imagining/interpreting.
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  3. I'd like to think the intention was for the viewer to be horrified but I can't help hear lines like "he's a looney and she's a man" and feel they were played for laughs. Particularly as the character of Blanche was usually reserved for light relief.
  4. Blanche was a problematic character in that she could be funny and she could be vile. That was the point, there was always a fine line. Roy and Hayley were always dealt with sympathetically. It showed how many people both of her age, and in general, felt, right or wrong. lt certainly wasn't Corrie going for the 'let's laugh at the trans' angle at all.
  5. I had a boyfriend around 2016/2017 that coerced me into an open relationship. This stuff is real, and it hurts to an incredible amount.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They did the same with Steve and Michelle's tragic baby storyline, tacking a revenge plot onto the end. I hate when they do that.
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  7. Didn't they have some nonsense with Tracey on the day of Deirdre's funeral? I forget what it was but remember thinking it was wholly unnecessary.
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  8. Yes her ex husband Robert turned up at the funeral and the whole episode became about that rather than Deirdre.
  9. Those who watch Classic Coronation Street will know it's alas an end of an era today:



    Yes, it's farewell to an all time soap icon, Bet Lynch/Gilroy. And now the wilderness period of Coronation Street begins...
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  10. Christ, I thought Julie Goodyear had died reading that post.
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  11. The police couldn't even find Geoff's camera that was on a CD rack? Seriously?
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  12. The soap police are the worse.
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  13. Honestly, I was rolling my eyes at it too. Sometimes the plot contrivances are so ridiculous. Watch how Geoff will eventually get caught when it transpires he forgot to empty the trash basket on his laptop.
  14. Doesn't help either that the detective in charge, is almost as annoying and unlikable as the one who put Maria in prison and investigated Who Pushed Ken.
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  15. Also: would Craigy really be dispatched to a job involving his neighbours and his flatmate?
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I know Corrie isn't wildly known for their acting, but Craigy and Tim in particular are awful.
  17. Another important thing the police don't seem to have mentioned is Yasmeen's supposed alcoholism which Geoff has dragged her for. I assume the Police will have either done a blood test or have experience of alcoholics and their behaviour to refute this. Had she been an alcoholic she'd have been suffering withdrawal symptoms in prison which, again she won't have. YET NO ONE MENTIONS THIS?!!! And the police haven't asked questions in the Rovers about the night.
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  18. Missing the camera was an absolute joke. Also Yasmeen previously sought help from the police which they seem to have failed to link.
  19. Looks like Geoff is finally getting his comeuppance after tonight’s episode. I’m glad the show is getting back to 6 eps a week from the 14th - hopefully means this storyline will wrap up soon!
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  20. I only watch clips of the interesting storylines on YouTube now, but I can't believe Natasha has returned.
    And they've essentially spilled that she was pregnant with Nick's baby (who is now 10) when she left the street!
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