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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. The way Geoff's abusive behaviour was revealed to Tim was such an anti-climax.
    Like... they had video, Alya should have gotten hold of them and exposed him publicly.
  2. There was some real life Battersbys drama earlier.

  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Jane has acted the hell out of this storyline. I would love to see Bruce wade in as well though.

    Imran and Steve's lines about everyone at the NHS being infallible heroes felt a bit over the top, and were probably written at the height of that period of weekly clapping. My sister works for the NHS so I'm not about to slag them off but I found it rather dismissive of those who do make legitimate claims of neglect when they arise.
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  4. Thought the 60th anniversary episode was brilliant, as evil as Geoff was I will really miss him. The actor was amazing in the part in really making you hate him and the coercive control was Corrie's best storyline in years.

    William Roache's "I'm Ken Barlow!" monologue in front of the digger was comedy gold.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yeah Geoff has been fantastic and the storyline has been completely gripping!
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  6. Really enjoyed the episode last night! This show has changed so much over the years, had some hiccups and yet I still favour it over any other soap on the telly! I wonder what the original plans for the 60th were and how much it differs from what we’ve got post-COVID?

    Ken and Rita just appearing from nowhere this week has been a welcome return as I’ve really been missing them! The show just isn’t the same without the older members of cast!
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I mostly watch this out of hate-watching (I still can't get over Craig's OCD disappearing), but the way they have destroyed Shona, christ. And all the male white gay characters are insufferable!
  8. Coronation Street's longest serving writer Adele Rose has died.

    She was its first female writer and wrote more than 400 episodes between 1961 and 1998, including this one:

    She also created and wrote the first three series of Byker Grove.
  9. The “Pals” scene with Bet & Rita is Corrie at its very best.
  10. The absolute best. Nana went out on a high.
  11. Nu Todd is UNBEARABLE.
  12. Very said news indeed, RIP Adele Rose, one of the finest ever writers in soap history-as that scene alone proves.
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  13. It's Helen Worth's 70th birthday today!!

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  14. Was watching a compilation of Geoff's treatment of Yasmeen, Absolutely fantastic acting by both. You really loathed Geoff and the way they dragged it out but not for too long they got it spot on. Have to say I felt like a right evil cow during the scenes where he had cooked her chicken. I kept thinking to myself Charlotte does look tasty though! would be nice with a baguette and some Hellmans, I've only been dieting a week!.
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  15. SEVENTY?
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  16. I don't mind him. I think he can, at times, really look like Bruno Langley which helps. It's a bit tedious that he's going to attempt to break up Billy and Paul. I think it would have been more exciting if he slept with both and they decided to be a throuple - a soap first maybe?!

    I find Jenny's niece far more unbearable. A shit character and an OTT actress.

    I hate the way we keep getting dream sequences and visions and such like in Corrie lately. it's not what the show is about - it's meant to be a like a fly on the wall of 'real' life. It doesn't sit right with me when it all goes a bit grey and Yasmeen is seeing Geoff who is dead.
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  17. I can't bear the face Nu Todd pulls when he's up to something. It's like a cheesy panto or something. The old Todd would have been up to no good, probably working for Ray. The whole 'working for a child abuse helpline and getting his dodgy teen mate to play an abused kid' is beyond credibility.
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  18. Why doesn't Dev ever mention Amber? And didn't he have other kids.

    Amber was amazing.
  19. Watched tonight’s episode after a couple of years. Love how Faye is still as wooden as ever, and I screamed when Sunitta’s photo popped up.
  20. The roof scene was too much and his death was like Michelle Pfieffer in Batman returns but instead of having his fingers chewed off by cats he was surrounded by chickens instead

    Theres are so many unessential characters at the moment. Jenny’s niece and summer being the prime culprits. The only saving grace is it feels like sean hasnt been in it for ages.

    Old corrie on itv3 is sooooooo much better. Bring back Natalie
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