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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. The Alahans feel like they are finally coming into their own now the kids are grown up. Asha is a great little actress and the recast Aadi is so much better. Even Dev is bearable around them!

    I loved the scene with Yasmeen talking to Asha about how Corey was treating her in the café. It feels like they are signalling that Asha is going to be Nina's new love interest. I am intrigued as to what this big tragic story involving the teens they are teasing is going to be...

    Also, bring back Amber! She was great and it would be good to build the family up a little more. Rather her than pointless Daisy who is already getting on my tits.
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  2. The kids in Corrie have been lacking for years...
    Emmerdale has got a right good crop of them at the moment.
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  3. They don't make them like Ruozzzie and Suophiiee "Come down for your beans" Webster anymore.
  4. Debbie Webster in the fridge was giving me

  5. Amazing
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  6. Tonight Debbie Webster in the fridge is giving me

  7. Gary's hair still immaculate despite weeks (months?) in prison...
  8. Sad news - Johnny Briggs aka Mike Baldwin has died. One of the few brilliant male cast members to grace the street
  9. Aw Amber was amazing. Dev never even mentions her.
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  10. Really powerful episodes last night. Roy and Abi were amazing. Probably the best written episodes we've seen Aidan's death.

    I hope Nina and Seb survive, they have such great chemistry and make a great couple.
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  11. Yep last nights episodes REALLY struck me and kinda threw me for a loop as I hadn’t read anything about the attack. Looking into it and learning that it’s inspired by a real life case just broke me even more. Corrie has kinda been floundering for me, although I refuse to give up, for the last year but damn when it gets it right, it really gets it right.
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  12. I knew what was coming from the spoilers but it didn't make it any less upsetting. I think the young cast Corrie has at the moment (Nina, Seb, Asha, Aadi, Kelly) is really strong.

    David Neilson deserves all the awards for his performance after the attack, Roy is such a great character and really excels in the quiet moments.
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  13. The scene where Kelly hit Nina was so ridiculous though. She was stood about 10ft away from her but managed to slap her. Does she have arms that miraculously stretch out?
  14. I screamed when Sharon tasered Jenny - "have it!"

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  15. I loved it. Poor Jenny. I hope she tasers more people
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  16. I hope she tasers Sam.
  17. I swear Imran gets more beautiful each time he appears.
  18. And Daisy. And Chesney and Gemma. And Shona. And Fizz. And Sean. And The Baileys (apart from Ronnie).

    And .. remind me why I watch this show again!

    Oh yeah, that'll be it.
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