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Coronation Street

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by slimane, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Honestly, this entire ‘9pm week’ should have just been Sharon going round tasering everyone on the street while she snarls “have it!” at them.
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  2. Shame we didn't get a bit more of the bearded van driver gun guy...
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  3. I can't stop watching this, and I haven't watched Corrie in over a year
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  4. Should win scene of the year at the Soap Awards honestly.
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  5. Tasers and telescopes as weapons. Looking forward to seeing Gail stab someone with a toothpick tomorrow. Peak Corrie.
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  6. Tasering residents in broad daylight and a child knocking a man twice his height out cold with a telescope cover? They’re not even trying to be plausible at this stage. Still enjoying the camp drama of it all though!
  7. I always enjoy the heightened darker atmosphere of the BGT week 9pm episodes.

    Surely I wasn't the only one hoping that bullet accidentally hit Sam through the fence? Annoying little shit.
  8. Why is Sam featured so much right now? There are loads of other kids in the show who haven't been in it for ages - Rubeh, Ope, Jack (the actor is like 26 now though and doesn't pass for a very convincing 10 year old anymore), Liam, Gary's son, Joseph, Lily ... they're barely featured anymore. It's all about Sam as if the producers think we find him endearing. I really like Natasha though and am glad she's back.
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  9. He's a precocious little brat. Knowing how Corrie keep their "cute" children on into adulthood (Simon, Chesney) he will still be here in 20 years boring us with his fascinating facts.

    I like Natasha too but not when they come together! I fear we are stuck with him though.
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