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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by ysev, Feb 12, 2020.


Who is your OT10 bias? (respect 4 China line ♥ TT)

  1. Seola

  2. Bona

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  3. Exy

  4. Soobin

  5. Luda

  6. Dawon

  7. Eunseo

  8. Yeoreum

  9. Dayoung

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  10. Yeonjung

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  1. I don't think we talk about MoMoMo enough. Such a good song.
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  2. In news this week, Rocket Girls 101 disbanded after their contracts expired.

    Now according to what was said two years ago, Mei Qi and Cheng Xiao should come back to WJSN now, but I won't hold my breath.
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  3. The Xuan Yi shade... she was the one in Rocket Girls with MeiQi nn. But yeah they’re never coming back.
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  4. He


    Maybe they’ll get together with Cheng Xiao and be a permanent group in China?

    I highly doubt they’ll be back.
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  5. I may have accidentally mixed up Xiao and Yi. This is what happens when you can't sleep for more than three hours.
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  6. He


    Has Cheng Xiao done anything music related while in China?
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  7. Some soundtrack songs. Nothing else.
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  8. He


    At least we'll always have her smash solo debut.

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  9. They finally opened the mics! Yay! (You can barely hear, though).

    (sans Dayoung)

    Also, I'm not going to watch but I'm happy for the good sis Dayoung to get a role in a drama.
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  10. Which reminds me, the chinese version of Pick Me is better than all of the korean ones combined.

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  11. Pretty girl THINGZ

  12. Amazing.

    I keep finding myself watching every video that has the words "WJSN/Cosmic Girls" and "Butterfly" in their titles

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  13. The fact that they did and are still doing better with every comeback. Queens of growth

  14. The way Umu ate up Pantomime. She started sweating and breaking down, as expected. I hope they use it in their “Musicians react” series.
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  15. Didn't expect Yeoreum to have the most important parts in the song.
    I hope they manage to have some fun with this subunit mini-era.
  16. Wait that intro is so cute.
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  17. they needed more of that energy in the video… i don't even remember what it was about apart from secret at the beginning.
  18. There was the bit with the fishing in the toilet. I remember that.
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  19. Baby come to ME
    naege soksagyeojweo
    danduri do IT...deo nopge nara nalgo shipeo!!

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