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Cost of Living Crisis

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. With the UK in imminent recession, interest rates getting hiked, everything getting expensive globally, capitalism strangling everything to death, rents high, wage stagnation, and the fetid stench of dystopia on the horizon there feels like there needs to be a dedicated thread.

    as queer and marginalised people I'm aware lots of us will be struggling anyway, and this stuff happening feels like an extra bit of pressure we really don't fucking need.

    So gals, how are we doing? Are you cutting down on things? Have your bills shot through the roof? Are you coping?

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  2. I go to the bathroom in the dark (no window, no light). This is, in my head, so I can say to myself I can save 15-20 hours of electricity a month.

    But it's fucking grim, innit lads.
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  3. I really don't envy the young(er) generation at the moment in their 20's - first Covid, then Monkeypox - and with UK Politics being an absolute nightmare since 2016 (and a lot of this generation weren't old enough to vote in the EU ref in 2016!) - and interest rates now up to 1.75%

    Mind you - when I was 21 in 1990 - we had HIV/Aids, Poll Tax, Double digit interest rates to deal with..but at least Asset Prices weren't so high. However, discrimination against any type of minority group was high - and often violent.

    In relation to Cost of Living - back in the 80's - it was very foolish and short-sighted to privatise the essentials (Water, Energy, Public Transport et al) as once they are in the Private Sector, the priority of these companies change - the shareholders come first. To now try and bring them back into the Public Sector will be a nightmare!

    In relation to Inflation - the BOE were once again very foolish to keep interest rates so low for the last decade (to prop up the UK housing market at all costs) - it has inflated Asset Prices and done very little for investment savings....
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  4. My landlord raised our rent by 500 quid last month. Our rent is all bills included, so the landlord now collects just short of 5k a month for a house they paid 550k for, and they'll get a 400 pound energy rebate later this year. This seems like a very fair and sustainable system.
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  5. This country is going to be terminally miserable for years to come.
  6. The Tories have fucking ruined everything they’ve touched.
  7. We raked through some bills and tariffs n' shit, various Eco-settings for almost everything we use and, both impressively and frustratingly, we're already being total cheapskates with everything from the leccy to what washing cycles we use.

    Guess we're just staying at home and wrapping ourselves in blankets all winter.
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  8. I’m curious if anyone has any insight because I was in student halls and naturally broke back in 2008, was there a similar rise in the cost of living alongside the credit crunch and recession back then? Are we extra fucked this time because it feels like we’re extra fucked.
  9. No, it was better then. When the economy crashed in Ireland, I was going into my final year of university. I was able to rent a 2-bed apartment with a friend for 750 euro per month. That same apartment now rents for 2100 euro per month. Bills were easily affordable too.
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  10. The only people who will benefit from this COL crisis will be the mega rich billionaires as usual.
    As there's a possibility that the bottom part of the housing market may being to show signs of price falls - and these billionaires will snap up these properties for less than they are valued at the moment. They'll then be able to rent them out (as rent prices are likely to continue to increase) and make more money until the housing market picks up again - then they'll sell them at a profit. It's what usually happens in an economic recession!
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  11. It is genuinely infuriating that helping poor people through this crisis will literally just make rich people richer.
  12. I’ve spent upwards of £100 this months on electricity alone. It’s awful. I can’t find a cheaper rate and our provider isn’t any help either.
  13. I only use my car on weekends as I’m staying at grandma’s this summer (duh), but I put 20€ of petrol on Saturday just to be sure I wouldn’t get stranded on the road to the beach and the indicator barely moved…? Like, a year ago that would be enough to fill half the tank. I’m still screaming.

    The Spanish government is usually a sensible when it comes to measures (the Iberian exemption put a halt to the continuous rise of electricity), but saying now that public spaces should keep their AC to 27 degrees???? Ma’am, that’s sweaty tits temperature. And 19 in winter… good luck, peninsulars.
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  14. I really don't know how a lot of people will cope this winter. I hope the UK government, as loathsome as they are, won't allow people to be cut off from their gas or electricity supply.
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  15. It's absolute game over for some economies come winter, I think.

    In terms of the UK when people are paying £4k a year on bills alone (that's not including rent/mortgage rises and transport rises) there's absolutely nothing left to spend elsewhere. Pubs, clubs, theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, shops etc etc are all going to get absolutely fucked.
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  16. For the first time in my life I have a well paid job (at least for the italian standard) but everything is getting so damn expensive.

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  17. The state of UK right now is absolutely soul destroying. I find engaging with the world more and more exhausting every day because it all feels completely futile.

    My cousin moved to Manchester during Covid but with all the cost of living price rises she can no longer afford to live here. She’s currently living with me in my spare room before she either moves back in with her dad in Wales next month or if she can, find a better paid job to be able to afford to stay in Manchester. In less than two years it’s become completely unaffordable which is so so messed up.

    Catch me advocating for a general strike until the Tories are forced out and we scourge them from the face of the planet x
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  19. The thing is, this could all be avoided if we didn’t have this shower of shits as a government.
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  20. I work for one of the big 5 energy providers.

    This year they started to use OfficeVibe. It's mostly used for anonymous surveys sent out by team leaders to see how their teams are feeling, etc. A few weeks ago a mini questionnaire went out to everyone from higher level asking how concerned we were about the cost of living stuff that's going on.

    So this week, they decided to bring forward the annual inflation pay rise from April 2023 to October this year. They're recommending everyone gets a 7.5% increase and a lump sum payment of £1100. This deal will be in place until April 2024. They say they will review again if inflation is above 12% in January 2023 - though any change at this point wouldn't take effect until January 2024.

    We also get an increase in our pay which is dependent on performance - if you 'achieve' your goals you usually get 3%.

    I'm a bit in two minds on how I feel about it all.

    I mean, I'm grateful they're trying to address our concerns and 7.5% in normal circumstances would be great, but these aren't normal times and all things are pointing towards even more extraordinary times over the next 18 months.

    In 2019, the company announced they were freezing our pay for 2 years as they were underperforming. Instead they gave us a lump sum of £500. So, really, the pay is just being brought inline to what it should be at this point anyway.

    The lump sum thing irks me somewhat as it seems to be a cheap way of getting out of actually increasing our salaries.
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