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Countries that you want them to win Eurovision soon

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by P Grandson, Sep 22, 2022 at 5:22 PM.

  1. The title is self-explanatory: what are the 10-ish countries that you would love/hope to see winning Eurovision anytime soon (let's say within the next 10 years)?

    In my humble opinion:
    1. Iceland: A maiden Eurovision victory for Iceland is long overdue, Iceland has been serving at Eurovision and an Icelandic host would be magical.
    2. Slovenia: This country has been sending worthwhile entries that end up being undermarked and I think it's about time Slovenia has its Finland 2006/Portugal 2017 moment of the underapreciated country blowing everything else off the water in its overdue moment of glory.
    3. Cyprus: Just like an Iceland, Cyprus winning is also overdue. Sure the Fuego formula has worn off, but I think they could get other tricks on their sleeve.
    4. France: France has been putting the effort, I loved the JESC 2021 organization and I think most of its magic would transfer well to ESC. Plus, I'd love to see a contest where French is the main language once again.
    5. Czech Republic: The Czech preselections have been one of the most progressive, with lots of options and interesting offers. And among Eastern-Central Europe countries, I think this would be the most enchanting one to host Eurovision in.
    6. Spain: After years and years of missteps, Spain seems to have got their groove back. Benidorm Fest had a lot of great options and I think everyone would love to see Spain winning again after 50-plus years with an all-conquering Spanish banger.
    7. Switzerland: Like Spain, Switzerland has been turning the fortunes. They have been putting a lot of thought in their entries and their stagings and they would be a reliable host country.
    8. Serbia: This country is always consistently strong and very seldom missteps at Eurovision. I just don't think Serbia's sophomore victory is too far away.
    9. Lithuania: The other Baltic countries already have their wins and it just doesn't feel right that Lithuania still has We Are The Winners as their best result. They aren't afraid to take risks and I'm positive that when they win, it'll be with something very ahead of the curve.
    10. Armenia: It's a country that seems to be particularly passionate about Eurovision, that more often than not delivers and a victory would probably mean a lot to its people and diaspora. Plus, an Armenia hosting contest would most likely be an Azerbaijan-less one.

    Honourable mentions:
    Belgium - It has been in Eurovision since its dawn, and it feels strange that they still only have one win. When they select acts with a strong point of view, they do well.
    Ireland - Even if just for the fact that Ireland extending their winning record would keep Sweden on their toes and more eager to beat it.
    Portugal - Portugal has been enjoying an overdue and hard-earned prestige at Eurovision and although maybe it's too soon for a sophomore win, nobody would be crossed if it happened.
    Croatia - Come on, who wouldn't love an Eurovision in Croatia?

    What about you?
  2. Cyprus, Serbia and Iceland generally send quality and most certainly deserve their first wins. I'd be happy for Spain and France to win too if they keep up the quality, as neither have won in absolute ages. Would also like for Portugal to win again so that doesn't remain our only winner, and because the last few entries have all been fantastic. Would be cool to see Australia win too just to see how things go afterwards, but preferably with an actually good song/performer.
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  3. Switzerland cause then I could volunteer and actually work at Eurovision for two weeks.

    Plus obviously we have the money and are very organized.
  4. Well from a selfish point of view I'd like Sweden to win because it's the most convenient place for me to travel to.
    Following that? Germany's not a bad place to visit so I'll put that second.
    Iceland - They've got a great passion for the contest so I think that Reykjavik would be a fantastic host,
    Croatia - Again, I think they'd be a good host nation, if maybe not a great host broadcaster,
    Czechia - see above.,
    Slovenia - like you said, frequently overlooked. Beautiful country in places too,
    France/Spain (if they don't host it in Paris),
    Spain/France - both have improved massively in the last few years and it would be nice to see them win,
    I'd put Moldova here if there wasn't a war next door, They've realised that they're known for entertaining entries and I like that,
    Portugal - Lisboa was nice. Let's try Porto. Hopefully they find a better performer than s*bral.
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  5. Mine are 2/3 tourism, 1/3 about the music because let's face it, the winner only matters if you're hoping to travel to the finals.

    UK - we host a good show, and I'm burning with desire to get tickets to Birmingham for next year.
    Denmark - I loved their last couple of entries, and I'd love to go back to Denmark.
    Norway - mostly because the last couple of times they hosted have been hilarious
    France - partly because I'd like to see the inside of a French stadium, partly because a French-language win would encourage people singing in languages other than English.
    Spain - they would put on a colossal show
    Iceland - their quirky entries liven up the contest no end, and it would still be daylight when the votes come in (only a couple of hours of darkness at the end of May!)
    Malta - they've had some good entries.
    Sweden - well I love the swedish pop, the number of acts they could get for the interval show would be amazing.
    Australia - yeah, I probably wouldn't cross the world to see the contest but they are thirsty for it.
  6. Portugal, Spain, France, and Belgium solely because I want to go to a Eurovision edition for once.

    And Moldova just for being Moldova, one of my favorite ESC countries along with Ukraine and Serbia. A Moldovan hosting would probably be JESC 2016 levels of mess though, I live!
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