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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Brilliant - like if Adele recorded a country album!

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  2. This is really giving me life this morning. His voice is smoooooooth.

  3. I'm really liking Dan + Shay at the moment. I snapped up tickets to see them in Manchester in January.

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  4. Didn’t realise their album was out. Thanks!!

    Anyone playing the new Sugarland album? It’s really good in my opinion!
  5. I love the Sugarland album. One of my faves of 2018 so far.
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  6. I had SUCH a great time seeing them perform at Stagecoach last year! They were the biggest surprise of the festival for me; I've always been a fan, but they really come alive on stage. Also, I think they're both hot as all get out.
  7. The album is great!!! The song with Kelly Clarkson is the highlight for me, it should be a single!
  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Keith Hill is back to saying women should only be played 15 percent of the time on country radio twitter. Had to just go rebuke him.
  9. How is Kelsea Ballerini not huge? She was so good on the Amazon concert thing yesterday.
  10. She’s pretty big on country radio. Her songs are so far pop leaning, they’re basically pop songs, so I dunno why she doesn’t get airplay from pop radio.
    I saw her live in Dublin last year, she was amazing! Queen slut dropped right in front of me.
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  11. I mean like Taylor Swift huge. Saw her at C2C earlier this year, she was unreal - such a great energy on stage.
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  12. Sorry for the double post.

    Are there any Martina McBride or Sara Evans fans on here?
    Been playing Martina a lot lately, always been meaning to get into her but only really getting to it now. Evolution and Wild Angels are brilliant albums! Loving them at the moment. And her most recent, Reckless, is a great listen too. Her Greatest Hits is pretty flawless too.
    I’ve liked Sara for a while but only played a couple of her albums. Been playing her Stronger album the last few days, it’s so fucking good. Very short but such a great and easy listen! Born To Fly, Slow Me Down and Words are solid albums too.

    So any fans! Haha
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  13. Yeah, it’s a strange one. I doubt she’s gonna try and move into mainstream pop anytime soon, even though she’d be great!! A few country artists have tried it over the last very years, most bombing. The biggest casualty being The Band Perry.
  14. Sara has one of the best voices in country. Her back catalogue is filled with amazing stuff.

    Martina is a legend but a hits collection will give you nearly all the Martina you can use. The album "Independence Day" is on is amazing though.
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  15. I LOVE Sara Evans! My favorite albums of hers are probably Born To Fly and Restless. Her vocals on the whole Born To Fly album are just sheer perfection.

  16. I know they've been mentioned in the Kacey thread, but have y'all heard The Brummies debut album? I'm not sure I'd classify it as country, but it's a perfect summer album. Some gorgeous, haunting melodies.
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  17. I grew up on Martina McBride, and for my money The Way That I Am is a classic record.
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  19. I need more psychedelic country in my life.

    Especially when performed by hot men like this.
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