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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. MollieSwift21

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    Also this

    Experiment is worth a listen too.
  2. Might have to go to this. Playing 'Car Wheels' in full at the Barbican!
  3. What do we think of Ashley McBryde? I just discovered this song via Apple Music's Best of 2018 playlist and it's pretty great!

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  4. This is pretty good - country/folk with some flecks of electronica. Only 30 mins in length.

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  5. Just discovered her album this week! The title track is stunning.
  6. That's the only song of hers I know, but I think it's great.

    I haven't heard much country music this year that I've properly enjoyed, aside from a song here and there. Maybe I was spoiled by Golden Hour. Has anyone else felt the same way?

    Also, this is quite PopJustice-friendly (Becky G!) but I don't really like it:


  7. A Queen!

    Her album album is great, dunno if anyone has heard it here.
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  8. Dolly Parton! She and Johnny Cash are the only country artists I care for.

    Dolly Parton has some really cute songs. “Love Is Like A Buttyerfly”, “Dumb Blonde”, “Kentucky Gambler”, “Heartbreak Express”, “Why’d you come in here” and her cover of “Shine” is amazing.

    Does anyone else have essential Dolly songs that they love?
  9. I like her voice. Will check her out.
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  10. Tiffany Houghton's début country EP has been put on Spotify. It's from 2012, but still sounds great:

  11. Would love some recommendations for some older, maybe less known, country singers!!! Mainly women but open to men too, I guess haha
    I really like the sound country had in 90’s, so anyone from that time period on would be cool.
    Obviously open to older singer too, I’ve tried to get into Loretta Lynn but just didn’t really like her to be honest. Dolly & Reba are amazing obviously, so anything along those lines would be amazing.
  12. Personally, I always loved Suzy Bogguss. Such a great voice. Hey Cinderella, Aces, Just Like the Weather, Drive South, Give Me Some Wheels - all great songs . I don't know if she would be described as "unknown" but I always thought she should have had a bigger career.
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  13. Cool, thanks! I’ll check her out. They don’t have to be unknown, even we’ll known singer would be cool, I’m sure there are tonnes I haven’t checked out. Miss out on so many singers when you live outside the US.
  14. To add a few more names, Jo Dee Messina, Pam Tillis, Kathy Mattea and Mary Chapin Carpenter all have some excellent offerings. Patty Loveless, Mindy McCready and Lorrie Morgan are all great too. A little more modern (and you probably already know them anyway) but I'll throw in Martina McBride, Terri Clark and Trisha Yearwood. Older, you might already know Emmy Lou Harris (Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town is essential) from her work with Dolly as part of Trio, and of course Patsy Cline. As for Men, give Brooks & Dunn a chance if you haven't already, they've got some great tunes!

    Edit: Deena Carter too. Strawberry Wine is a freaking anthem, haha!
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  15. Great, thanks!!! Added most of them to my library. A lot of their albums are missing from streaming it seems. No greatest hits for Patty Loveless or even a playlist unfortunately.

    Already knew Martina(Love Her!!). Always wanted to get into Emmy Lou Harris but I never knew where to start haha so I added that album you metioned! I like a couple Brooks & Dunn songs but have been meaning to listen to more. Their song with Reba and Play Something Country are both great. Started playing some George Strait lately, liking what I’ve heard so far.
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  16. So this is great! Not particularly a fan of Colbie but really loving this!
  17. To add some more to your list,

    Wynonna Judd, The Judds, Carlene Carter, Chely Wright, Lee Ann Womack, Tanya Tucker, SheDiasy, K.T Oslin, Deborah Allen, Kelly Willis, Barbara Mandrell, Dottie West, Shelly West and Matraca Berg.

    If you haven’t heard these check them out some ready good songs on there mostly 80s/90s

    Shame on you for the Loretta Lynn shade though.
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  18. Thanks!! I’ll add them to my playlist! I had Wynonna and The Judds added already, loving them!!!!
    Edit: Lee Ann is amazing too by the way.
    No SheDaisy albums on Apple Music...
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  19. Ah yeah I just remembered they aren’t on Apple Music I think there’s a couple of soundtrack sounds they done though.

    I’ve recently gotten into a few of them myself K.T Oslin is much more pop but she has this fantastic southern charm she uses that pulls you in.

    Deborah Allen has a great EP from the 80’s and a lot of the songs from the albums she did in the 90’s were re-recorded by Leann Rimes. I’d be interested to hear on what you think of these as well.
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