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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MollieSwift21, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    Can't recommend this album enough!
    Country/Soul, produced by Dan Auerbach.
    Her voice is so phenomenal.

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  4. Is Reba worth listening to? Never ventured into her stuff.
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  5. Yes! Start with #1’s then explore the rest if you like. I’ve only recently gotten into her but she’s a fantastic vocalist.
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  6. Yes! She's great. I think her recent stuff is her best, #1s was released in 2005 - but that's a fairly comprehensive view of her hits up until that point.
    Here are my personal faves.
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  7. Oh My God yes!!! Reba is great!! Her 90’s albums are her best in my opinion but so far I haven’t heard a bad album of hers. They’re pretty short, most 10 tracks, so easy to get into. Her What If It’s You and Read My Mind albums are where I’d recommend starting, assuming you’re interested in full albums. If you just want the hits, 50 Greatest Hits is probably your best bet! It’s missing some singles and a lot of great album tracks but it’s a great place to start!

    Try these and see what you think!!

    I’d add in Consider Me Gone too but I think the limit is 5.
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  8. Dunno who posted this but I’m playing it at the moment and it’s great!! Kinda makes me think of Lana mests Kacey. People probably won’t agree but I’d say a lot of the members on here would be pretty into this!
    Oh! Maren Morris, Brandi Carlisle and Amanda are forming a country Trio called the Highwomen!!!
    Edit: sorry for the double post.
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  9. Not sure if she has fans on here but Megan McKenna announced a tour for Story of Me!
    I will be going for sure.

  10. Please support a rising female country artist and give this bop a listen.
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  11. Not sure anyone on here will be that interested, but Reba just released one of the best albums of her career!
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  12. I'll be giving it a listen.
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  13. I very much liked it on first listen!
    The whole album is great, outside of Swing All Night Long With You & No U In Oklahoma.
    She oversold the whole 'it's my country roots' thing, it's not that different to usual outside of those two songs.

    I didn't realise but there's also two Target bonus tracks, hopefully they find their way online later today.
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  14. This is amazing!!!!!!
  15. Anyone watching the ACM Awards tonight? On too late for me but will catch up with some performances tomorrow.
  16. Think I will just watch Reba's highlights & some performances tomorrow.
  17. I'm liking the Reba album, especially Storm in a Shot Glass (sounds like something from Nashville the TV show).

    Not really into the opening track, which really sticks out like a sore thumb.
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